September 2008

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September 1st "The foliage has been losing its freshness through the month of August, and here and there a yellow leaf shows itself like the first gray hair amidst the locks of a beauty who has seen one season too many."
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes (circa 1850)

The look of the landscape at the moment is fairly similar to the look of August 1st or July 1st...........but this month will bring some drastic changes. The landscape, come October 1st, will look MUCH different than it does today.
September 2nd I wanted to show my typical "writer's block" in here for today, but those "fire bug" Carlsons burned it up at a campfire last month.
September 3th Okay Colleen, for the record: Yes, the Loons are still here; they usually hang around until at least very late they'll still be here when you guys arrive for MEA weekend. And for the second year in a row, there were no baby loons on Little Bass Lake. What's up with those guys anyway?!?!
September 4th This entry intentionally left blank.
September 5th Happy 50th wedding anniversary to Jim and Alice Turner. Congrats you guys!!!!!!!! I'll see you in October.
September 6th In the Spring, a young man's fancy
Lightly turns to thoughts
Of what, throughout the year,
An older man has never once forgot.

-- Robert Browning (circa 1850) and Isaac Asimov (circa 1970)
September 7th A fire in the fireplace to take the chill out of the room at 6:15 on a cold and rainy Sunday morning..........delightful! Geez September is neat.
September 8th This morning Bob and I went fishing for the last time this year. To see him, his wife Jo, and the fish from this morning, click HERE.
September 9th It appears that the Hummingbirds have headed for warmer climes..........there have been none at the feeder since the day before yesterday. That was a short 4 months. We'll see you next May guys; have a good trip.
September_10th If it's the tourist season, why can't we shoot them?
September 11th Here's a great Little Bass moon picture, compliments of Iowa Terry. Thanks Ter. Click HERE.

8:00 AM: It's raining (and has been since the sun rose over an hour ago). It's dark and windy and there's a fire in the fireplace. It's amazing how just sitting with a cup of coffee in your hand (no music, no book, no TV, no company) can sometimes be so enjoyable.
September 12th Since Ron went back to Illinois yesterday, there is no one here at the moment except for me; so it's very quiet. Even though the emptiness and the quiet are enjoyable, the first time in the fall that the resort is empty makes one feel kind of sad. Of course, it'll only stay like this till later today when Bob and Bing arrive to spend the weekend in cabin 4.

This is a neat picture (and a decadent way to watch a sunrise): Click HERE.
The Ides of September The mournful wail of the loons echoed across the lake for an hour as the sun rose this morning. Even though they'll be here for another six weeks or more, they already sound sad that their summer stay at Little Bass is coming to an end. Click HERE. Don't they sound sad?
September 14th The rain is certainly making the lake rise, but we've got a long way to go to gain back what we lost this summer. We lost a tad over 11 inches during the summer and we've only gained back an inch of it so far this month. Click HERE.
September 15th A year ago today we woke up to the season's first frost, but the temperature only got into the high 30s last night. Unfortunately that first taste of "real" Autumn is not, as yet, imminent. Sigh!
September 16th Sorry Colleen, there's nothing for today in here yet.
September 17th My guests in Cabin 2 at the moment are from near Clear Lake Iowa. In 1959 they lived 2 1/4 miles from where Buddy Holly's plane crashed.
September 18th Okay Carlsons, here's the firewood for your October trip............come on up and burn it! And if you use all that up there's more on the other side of the hill. (For people who don't know, the Carlsons usually put in more collective hours around a campfire in a summer than the rest of the guests put together.) Click HERE.
September 19th The Old Farmer's Almanac prediction: "winter temperatures [in our area] will be above normal on average, with below average precipitation and snowfall". Darn! Oh well, they're usually wrong anyway.

Wild grapes on the LBLR shoreline: click HERE.
September 20th Geez, am I ever glad that I didn't buy a motorized 4-wheeler as the cleaning crew requested, they're having enough trouble with their little red wagon. Click HERE.

Lori and I watched the International Space Station (ISS) pass over last night, and it'll be visible at a convenient hour again tonight. You can see it at 8:59 PM for nearly 3 minutes. It'll be moving from the SW at 10 degrees to the SSW at 47 degrees with a magnitude of -1.7. (That information is for up in this neck of the woods. Near the Cities it will be a bit higher up and a tad brighter.)
September 21st There's a new link on the main page of the LBLR web-site which goes to a page called "Northland Stories, Poems, and Anecdotes". It only contains 3 items so far, all of which were written by me and all of which you've seen before. I have a 4th item ready to go but I'm still waiting for the author's permission.
September 22nd At 10:44 AM (CDT): Happy Autumn!
September 23rd Every once in awhile my granddaughter Em sends me a comment about something in the Chronicles, usually about a picture that she liked. But the other day while we were sitting at the kitchen table she said "Grandpa, why are the Chronicles usually so boring?"
September 24th It's Autumn and bugs are dying by the truckloads. I like Autumn!
September 25th Happy Birthday Lori, and welcome to my world...........almost, that is.
September 26th Alas! What perils do environ
That man who meddles with a siren!
-- Samuel Butler (circa 1662)

I know next to nothing about Samuel Butler's life and I certainly have no idea where or how he got his experience, but he obviously understood some things quite well. Much better than me at least.
September 27th The annual late summer/early autumn lake level rise which began 2 weeks and 1 day ago is proceding nicely. Click HERE.
September 28th Pity the poor Twins fans who now have to rely on my last place Tigers to beat the White Sox tomorrow afternoon to put them in the play-offs.
September 29th I got the okay from my friend Jane Herbert to put her "Love My Lake" story on the LBLR "Stories" link. You can get to it from the main LBLR page, or you can go directly to it by clicking HERE. Thanks Jane!

Note to Twins fans: Chicago 8, Detroit 2. Sorry about that. Now your destiny is in the hands of your own team. Good luck tomorrow night.
September 30th A man who provides his wife with a sharp ax to chop wood is a gentleman. Brian is a gentleman. Click HERE.

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