August 2009

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August 1st Whilst August yet wears her golden crown,
Ripening fields lush- bright with promise;
Summer waxes long, then wanes, quietly passing
Her fading green glory on to riotous Autumn.
-- Michelle L. Thieme

Though I've searched the internet (including Wikipedia), I can find nothing about the life of Michelle other than the fact that she may have been born in 1937. If anyone knows anything about her, let me know, if you don't mind.

As for "on to riotous Autumn": some of the Maples and Sumacs are already turning red.
August 2nd I wonder if, at my age, I'm still reckless enough to do something desperate for the love of a good woman?
August 3rd What a lovely foggy morning we have today. I love morning fog and the best one ever, to my recollection, occurred on the morning of March 25, 2007. It was the best one because it's the only one that I remember in the whole of my life that stayed like that ALL DAY LONG. You've seen it before, but to see it again click HERE. And here's a memorable Wintertime fog. It's from a year ago last January 24th and it hovered just off the ground (and the ice). Click HERE

Scott caught a 38 inch Northern this morning, which he put back in the lake. It was probably in the range of 14 pounds.
August 4th Click HERE.
August 5th State of the Lake:

Depth: A few weeks ago it looked like it was going to hit a four year low, but a couple weeks of occasional rain turned that around. (To put the graph into perspective, the difference between the low point in 2006 and the high point in 2008 is a tad over 13 inches.) Click HERE.

Clarity: After a very clear late Spring and early summer, the clarity (at 13 feet) is now back to what it normally is at this time of the year. At one point in mid-July it was at an amazing 20.5 feet. Click HERE.

Temperature: At 67 degrees this morning, it appears that the top ten feet of the lake has turned around for the year and is headed downward. However, two years ago a hot spell in late August pushed the surface temperature back up to over 70 degrees after it had been in the 60s for a few weeks, so one never knows. If it continues downward it will have peaked out durning the 3rd week of June, as opposed the 4th week of July as it had the two previous years. This certainly hasn't been a good year for swimmers. The temperature at the deeper depths are about normal.......they don't change much over the summer. Click HERE and HERE.
August 6th It kinda looks like Scott and Chris had a nice time fishing on Little Bass Lake this morning, doesn't it? Actually this is from 3 days ago (see August 3rd, above). Click HERE.

LBL bird number 89: Rusty Blackbird. Click HERE.
August 7th Do you remember those very hot, very dry, summer days in July and August when, in order to keep cool, everyone in the resort either sat under the pines at the south end of the resort (and drank beer), or they floated on the lake on air mattresses all day long (and drank beer)? Actually, those were very nice days, but we haven't had a single one of them yet this year. Not a single one! BUT, look at this. It wouldn't be exactly correct to describe this as one of "those" days, but it's the closest thing we've had to it. It was confortable in the sun, fairly comfortable in the water, and it finally occurred just yesterday, August 6th. Click HERE.
August 8th The Turner/Carlson clan arrived in the mid-afternoon as usual. Since Erin and Tom are unable to be here this year, they have asked that the Chronicles document the activities and antics of the group so that they can enjoy the vacation remotely as best they can. So for the next seven days be prepared to see that group in this space often.

Saturday evening: While Kevin and Jesse were out fishing, Alice, Colleen, and Allie were forced to play scrabble a person short.........due to Erin's absence. (PS: They made me say that Erin; I had no choice.) Click HERE.
August 9th Turner/Carlson update (day 2):    Finnigan attained two milestones within about an hour of each other this afternoon. First of all should I put this? Bluntly, I would guess. He pooped in the potty for the first time ever, and received a round of applause. And secondly, he went on his very first boat ride. I'll only include a picture of the boat ride. To see him in the boat with his Mom and his Grandpa, click HERE .
August 10th Turner/Carlson update (day 3):
  • Erin:    Nobody can fill your shoes. The ones in your favorite color are yours. They were made by Amy. Click HERE and HERE.
  • Tom:     Nobody is catching any bass like you did last year. To reminisce a bit, click HERE.
August 11th Turner/Carlson update (day 4):    Erin.......Limoncello is the "best" early afternoon cocktail EVER, and your Dear Sister Allie makes the best Limoncellos EVER! Mmmmmm-mmmmm!

LBLR (the North end):    It's occupied by the Norman/Mueller group.....summer number 19 (at least for some of them) and that's a difficult record to beat. Unfortunately Bette and Vern couldn't make it this year, but to see the group in July of 2004, Click HERE.
August 12th Summer has finally arrived in the Northland. More later.......
August 13th Turner/Carlson update (To Erin):   
  • Bug juice -- $79.54
  • Liquor store -- $212.86
  • Groceries for the week -- $384.27 (the bacon alone was $118.69)
  • Spending time playing, laughing, and drinking with your sisters -- Priceless!
August 14th To see Mary and Dave and their Northern, Click HERE.

Turner/Carlson update (for Erin & Tom):

The annual Friday Fish Fry became a Thursday Fish Fry (or a Thursday Thish Thry, as Colleen tried to put it) but I have forgotten why that was.

Unfortunately you are missing:
  • The last big outside breakfast
  • The last floating on the lake
  • The last "early" afternoon cocktail hour (click HERE.)
  • The last dock picnic
  • The last supper (but not a fish fry.....see above)
  • The last campfire
  • Breakfast at Dottie's tomorrow morning, and
  • Hopefully the last time we come up here without you.
But luckily you are missing:
  • Packing up
  • Loading the vehicle
  • Saying good-bye, and
  • Driving home
(PS: I said earlier how good Allie's Limoncellos are. They're even much better now that I realize that making them is a two week process.)
August 15th So long to the Muellers after a fun week. Click HERE.
August 16th After 2.5 inches of rain today, the lake is now about 4 inches higher than it was last year at this time. What a difference a day can make, eh? Click HERE.
August 17th Happiness is game for two players.
August 18th On this day in 1963 James Meredith received a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Mississippi. Since I had followed with interest, his entrance into the University the previous September (accompanied by federal troops to ensure his safety), I was well aware of his graduation. But until recently I was not aware of his life following that graduation. Interesting! Click HERE.
August 19th What Hummingbirds there are around here this year are really stoking up at the feeder these days. They must be getting ready for their Southern trek which will probably begin within the next couple of weeks. Or as Randy pointed out, maybe these are some who are already on their Southern trek which began at a summer home further north than this.
August 20th Hear ye! Hear ye!     Announcing a major policy change at LBLR:     In the past, the resort owner has always accepted the responsibility of providing good weather for all LBLR guests, but after the experiences of this past summer (including this week) that policy has been changed. Beginning immediately and until further notice, any LBLR guests desiring sunshine, warmth, or dry weather, will have to provide it be sure to bring it with you when you come.

To see Terry, Alaina, and Amanda, click HERE.
August 21st Doesn't this neat picture of Jeremy have an interesting effect? That's the dock near cabin 3. Thanks Brian. Click HERE.
August_22nd Would you believe that the first day of Autumn is only one month from today?
August 23rd The lake graphs were updated yesterday and there are a couple of peculiarities on the graph that shows the water temperature at different depths. If you look at the graph you will notice that, although the top 10 feet of the lake stayed about the same, the temperature at the 20 foot level soared upward by about 6 degrees........but I think I can explain that one. I didn't check the temps during the last 10 days because the wind was too strong, and the early part of that 10 day period happened to contain the hottest and sunniest days we've had this summer. I suspect that the surface temperature got significantly above 70 during that period, but cooled back down to 68 during the last two or three cold days. As we've seen in past years, a sudden decrease in temperature in the top 10 feet has caused a sudden increase in the temperature at the 20 foot level......and I suspect that is what happened here. The other abnormality on that graph is the sudden increase of between 1 and 2 degrees at the 30, 40, and 50 foot levels. In past years the temperature at each of those levels didn't rise that much until the level immediately above it started to cool. I can't explain why it happened differently this time, but the temperatures are what they are, whatever the reason. Click HERE to see the graph in question. Click HERE to see all of the lake data.
August 24th Iowa Terry, Carl, Amanda, Jones, and Alaina arrived a week ago last Saturday to spend their normal week at LBLR. However, a few days ago the three girls decided to stick around for a few extra days, so they're still here but they sent the boys home. Personally, I think that was good decision........but tomorrow the girls too, are going to leave. Sigh.
August 25th It appears that the young Ospreys in the few nests that I see on a regular basis have all left......perhaps even a week or so ago. What little history I have on the subject indicates that mid to late August is about normal.
August 26th "Work hard; play hard" seems to be the American way of life these days.......but as one ages it appears that a better approach might be "work moderately; play moderately". However, it IS possible, one supposes, to suffer from "excessive moderation", so as one ages, perhaps one should be mindful of that and take steps to moderate one's moderation.

Remember a short time ago when it looked like the lake level was going to reach a record 4-year low? As we speak, it's now at a 4-year high for this date. Amazing! Click HERE.
August 27th Neal Moore is paddling down the Mississippi River in a canoe these days, and apparently writing/taping reports for CNN as he does so. I saw him in "Florio's Grill and Tavern" in Cohasset a few weeks ago when the two of us sat at separate tables near each other typing on our respective computers. Though I didn't have a conversation with him, from listening to the talk between he and Ron (the owner of Florio's) I became aware of what he was doing. I think you'll be interested in what he had to say about Ron and his Tavern. Click HERE.
August 28th Click HERE. And HERE too.
August 29th Three cabins out, one cabin in...........the summer is almost over.
August 30th Cabin # 3 has passed from view. Click HERE.
August 31st A toast to tomorrow:

By all those lovely tokens
September days are near,
With summer's best of weather
And autumn's best of cheer.

-- Helen Hunt Jackson (circa 1850)

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