February 2009

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The Calends of February "February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March."
-- Dr. J. R. Stockton
February 2nd We had two days and one night of warm weather, but now it's back into the deep freeze again.

Happy Candlemas Day! As with last year, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow in Pennsylvania this morning, but that was not the case with any groundhog up in this neck of the woods. Today, by the way, is also the winter "cross-quarter" day. It's half done already.
February_3rd Here's a test. It's a slide show of all of "Today's Pictures" from 2007 (which was close to one per day). It probably runs too slow to be seen on a dial-up service. Let me know how it works, but realize that some of the pictures need fixing. Click HERE.
February 4th As mentioned in the January 31st entry, Cabin # 4 was re-opened after being shut down for the winter late last November. [Aside -- There was a broken water line in the crawl space that was shown in that entry, but no disaster. It was easily repaired. -- End of Aside] Since it was supposed to be fairly cold last night, I spent the night in it to make sure that the water lines made it through the night without freezing up, and that the electric furnace I installed a year and a half ago would maintain a comfortable temperature. I'm making this entry from that cabin. The outside temperature is 29 below zero, and it's nice and warm in here, so Jim.......come on up with your buddies this weekend. The cabin will be fine.
February 5th Inspired by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel:

Someone told me it's all happening at the Lake.
I do believe it. I do believe its true.

It's a light and tumble journey from the Cities to the Lake;
Just a fine and fancy ramble to the Lake.

You can stay in your cabin if its raining or its cold,
But the animals will love you if you don't.

Chipmonks stand for honesty; Otters are insincere;
Common Loons are doltish, but they're kind.
Large Mouth Bass are skeptical of bait without a taste,
And the Resorting Host is very fond of wine.

Bluegills are reactionaries, Toulibees are missionaries,
Northerns plot in secrecy, and beavers turn-on frequently.

You gotta come and see it, at the Lake.
February 6th Today Queen Elizabeth II begins the 58th year of her reign as Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and other realms and territories, as well as Head of the Commonwealth and Head of State for 16 of it's members. 5 years and 217 days from now she will surpass Queen Victoria as Britain's longest reigning monarch. Long live the Queen!
February 7th Jim and Kevin, who are staying in Cabin #4 while doing some ice fishing this weekend, did pretty well today.............but they did it over on Bass Lake.
February 8th TBD..............
February 9th According to the Farmers' Alamanac, "usually the heaviest snows fall in February and hunting becomes very difficult". As a result, some Native American tribes referred to tonight's full moon as the Hunger Moon while others called it the Snow Moon. Unfortunately, it's more likely that we'll see more rain than snow today. Sigh
February 10th As you can see in the picture, there's still plenty of snow around, but the warm temps and the rain has made the lake rather unpleasant. Click HERE.
February 11th For anyone interested in European history, I would highly recommend listening to "European Reflections" by Don Boese. It comes to you compliments of KAXE in Grand Rapids, and you'll love it. Currently you can listen to episodes 1 through 82 (each episode lasts about 15 minutes) by clicking HERE.

Note: When you click on one of the more recent episodes, it will be completely downloaded before it starts to play, so there will be a pause for a few minutes before the sound begins. And by the way, you can listen to the current episodes of European Reflections every Wednesday morning about 8:00 on KAXE. There's a link to it on the main LBLR page.
February 12th This is an appropriate picture for today, the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. Click HERE.
February 13th Lori arrives today, Deb and Randy arrive today (but at Peterson Bay, of course), and Twacie and the grandkids arrive tomorrow. This almost sounds like a summer weekend, doesn't it?
February 14th Not bad skiing conditions; at least Lori seems to think so anyway. Click HERE.
February 15th This was a nice time with the grandkids (Em and Mol). That's LBLR off in the distance behind them (toward the left). Click HERE.
February 16th The fishing opener is very early this year........May 9th (only 12 weeks from Saturday).
February 17th And speaking of the fishing opener, do you realize that Spring is only 33 days away?!?!
February 18th Hmmmmm...........
February 19th It's 12 below zero this morning. Last year on this day it was 32 below zero.
February 20th Welcome again to Lori..........two weeks in a row. Neato!
February 21st Ya know, the lake conditions for skiing and walking are the best they have been this year so far. Come on up! I have a cabin available.
February_22nd Ten below zero this morning. Winter is not over yet. Here are tracks from a very small critter, but I have no idea what type. Click HERE.
February 23rd It's easy to tell if the moon is cresent or gibbous, but it's tougher to determine if the moon is waxing or waning. Maybe I've figured out an easy way to remember it, but let me know if you agree. First of all, you have to know my method of remembering which side of a boat is the "port" side and which is the "starboard" side. That one is easy! Both of the words "port" and "left" contain 4 the port side is the left side and hence, the starboard side is the right side. That's a piece of cake, right? Right! Secondly, you have to know my method of remembering which of my tall pines are White Pines and which are Red Pines. That one is easy too! Look at the needles on the branches. "White" has 5 letters in it and the needles on a White Pine are in clumps of 5. Therefore, the trees with needles in clumps of 5 are the White Pines and the other ones (with needles in clumps of 2) are the Red Pines. So far so good again. Right? Now on to the moon. It's easy to tell if it's a cresent moon or a gibbous moon, but is it waxing or waning? Just remember: "dark" has 4 letters, "left" has 4 letters, and "wane" has 4 letters. So one would like to think that if one is facing the moon and the left side of it is dark, then it is waning. BUT IN THIS CASE IT WORKS THE OPPOSITE WAY. If the dark side of the moon is on the left side, the moon is waxing. And, of course, if the dark side of the moon is on the right side, it is waning. I'm not sure if this corrct, but I think it is. Can anyone dispute it?
Shrove Tuesday Happy Mardi Gras to one and all.
Ash Wednesday Lent has begun! In honor of the day I was going to use a passage from the 51st Psalm, but I decided against.
February 25th More hardcore fishermen on Little Bass. Click HERE.
February 26th Tim and Jane (from Sartell) left today. They spent last night in cabin 4 and went skiing a couple of times. They said that the trails were, believe it or not, still in very good shape. And hey(!), thanks for the wine you guys.
February 27th It's just about time for this winter to ease up a tad, is it not? But then again, one more nice big snow storm would be kind of good too, don't you think?
February 28th Tomorrow is the first of March and the temperature this morning is 24 below zero!!!!

The 20th annual International Snowmobile Hall of Fame get-together (convention?) is this weekend. The induction ceremony is this afternoon at the Timberlake Lodge in Grand Rapids.

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