March 2009

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The Calends of March Look to the West tonight before the waxing cresent moon sets (do it before 11:00 PM) and you'll see a lovely sight. The moon and Venus were in their closest conjunction last night but tonight will be very good as well. And while we're on the subject, here's some interesting information for you. A lot of us have spent many a nice summer evening sitting out around the fire at LBLR, drinking our favorite beverage, enjoying the camaraderie, and watching the full moon come up. And while doing so, many of us have exclaimed about how fast the Moon seems to rise. From the moment it first pokes above the trees on the far side of the lake until the whole moon is visible seems like only a few minutes. Well..........that's because it IS only a few minutes. In its daily trek across the sky, the moon travels its diameter every three minutes. Amazing, eh?

It was 23 below zero this morning; doesn't the weatherman know this is March? Oh well, it sure came in like a Lion so maybe it'll go out like a lamb as it's supposed to.
March 2nd 19 degrees below zero this morning...........sigh!
March_3rd 10 degrees above zero this morning.

Congrats to my Michigan State Spartans on winning the Big Ten Basketball championship by squeaking out a tense one against Indiana this evening. Go Green!!!!!
March 4th 19 degrees above zero this morning. Wow!
March 5th 29 degrees above zero this morning. Wow(!) again.!
March 6th This change to digital TV appears that it's going to be a problem for the cabins. Sigh!
March 7th Even though there is a lot of ice still on the river (which is about the only place there is any open water around here) there were a couple of kayaks out there this morning. That doesn't sound very pleasant, does it?
March 8th "Nothing helps a bad mood more than spreading it around" -- Calvin
March 9th It has been a long long time since I put in a plug for LMNO P-ZA. I was over there this evening and had a good pizza AND a good consider this a recommendation!!!!! Click HERE.

(Note to Bill and Roger: Are you guys ever going to name the bar, or what?)
March 10th There! The deck is cleared off, the snowblower is full of gas, the bird feeder is full of sunflower seeds, there's plenty of firewood in the house, and I have more than enough food and wine. I even have a couple of World War II documentaries to watch. So............let it snow! And this time the weatherman better be right. Geez! Days like this are sure neat, aren't they?

See the March 10th through March 15th, and March 24th, 2005 Chronicles entries......they're HERE. It was a very sad time, but as Paul (Deb's son) said just this morning "Every year it gets a little easier to deal with".
March 11th March is still a Lion: Snowed in and 13 below zero this morning! No school for the kids again today.
March 12th Spring begins only 8 days from now, the sun doesn't set until well after 7:00 PM, and the current temperature (7:00 AM) is 29 degrees below zero. It doesn't seem like the third item fits with the first two, does it?

I just got an e-mail from Em, my 10 year-old Rochester granddaughter. She sent it to me to tell me what she saw this morning. She said (and I quote): "It was VERY cold this morning!! And, for some odd reason, I saw a teensy bit of a rainbow. Kinda wierd, huh?" I called her and explained to her that what she saw was, no doubt, a sundog. She had never heard of a sundog before and she thought it was interesting. Neato! And by the way, I also heard about the presence of the sundogs (and even a moondog) this morning from other Rochester people.
March 13th "A sap run is the sweet good-bye of winter. It is the fruit of the equal marriage of sun and frost."
-- John Burroughs, from Signs and Seasons (1886)

My friend Bob Norman sent me that; it's in reference to the run of maple sap that occurs in the spring time. The morning of March 7th he and his father tapped 5 Maple trees somewhere down near the Cities and the sap started to flow immediately. Regardless of what we're seeing at the moment (weatherwise, that is), Spring is near!!!!! Thanks Bob.

Another Friday the 13th.........that's two in a row, which certainly is a rarity.
March 31st On January 1, 2004 I made a New Year's resolution to keep the Chronicles up to date (if you're interested, it's HERE). A year later, on January 1, 2005, I changed the format and began making daily entries (or at least close to daily entries) which continued through March 13, 2009. But then, for reasons obscure, on March 14, 2009, after more than 4 years of almost daily entries, I took an unplanned hiatus, or sabbatical, or whatever you want to call it (maybe even a lacuna). It lasted for 17 days (as Em, my Granddaughter, pointed out to me in no uncertain terms in an e-mail yesterday). But now I'm back at it! However, as you can see, I'm not going to try to fill in the days I missed so they'll just have to remain as a gap in the record. But I will say the following:

As of today:
  • Except for some of the rivers and streams, there is still no open water around here and the lake is still more than solid enough to walk on.
  • Geese have been in the river for quite some time now, and regularly flying over LBLR for well over a week.
  • There have been some Swans on the river off and on for the last few weeks. Someone told me that they're Trumpeter Swans but I haven't looked at them that closely. If I see them again I might do that (if I remember to take my binocs with me).
  • The first Chipmonk appeared about a week ago and I've seen only one other one since then. Most of them must still be asleep.
  • On a walk to Cohasset and back yesterday, I heard the call of a Redwing Blackbird, but not near Little Bass Lake.
  • Bev and Dotz spent a night here about a week ago. That's the first time in quite awhile.
  • Michigan State University (my Alma Mater) is again in the basketball "Final Four". Go Spartans!!!!!
  • Cindy did the Spring cleaning in Cabin # 4 last Saturday (the 28th). That's the earliest start on Spring Cleaning ever.
  • It's snowing like mad even as I type.
  • As I think of other stuff, I may add more bullets to this entry as time goes on, so check back if you're interested.
  • To all those who called and/or e-mailed to express concern about the absence of Chronicles updates: THANK YOU!!!!! (And that even applies to those who called to yell at me about it). However, I have to add this: I'll do my best, but I can't promise that this wont happen again........but hopefully not for another four years at least.

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