September 2009

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September 1st I know this is going to sound a bit silly, but I watched it happen. As is customary, a bee was partaking of the contents of the Hummingbird feeder yesterday afternoon when at the same time, a Hummingbird was interested in a little snack. Several times the Hummingbird approached the feeder for his snack, and each time it was driven away by the bee. Once in awhile the Hummingbird would manage to sneak up on the opposite side from the bee and dine in peace for a bit, but whenever the bee saw him there, the hummingbird was chased away. Amazing!
September_2nd So long to Cindy and Mike! It was good to have you up here again after an absence of more than two years.
September 3rd One aspect of being in the Resort business, is that when you take a day off, sometimes you can't tell the difference. Is that a plus or a minus, do you suppose?

There are still Hummingbirds around, but they wont be here much longer.
September 4th Summer's last gasp:
It's 6:00 AM on Friday and the resort is totally empty, but before the sun sets this evening it will be full. (Even Lori will be here.)

In reference to the September 1st and 3rd entries above, here's an e-mail from Gary F in Tennessee:
I thought all the up north hummingbirds already arrived here in TN. My feeder is getting alot of extra business lately. The hummingbirds here are all afraid of bees too, I think because they are smaller than the hummers. My feeder hangs from my regular bird feeder, and if there is a finch or a chickadee resting on top of the hummingbird feeder look out, because a hummingbird will soon dive bomb it and chase it away. So I am thinking maybe they are just afraid of something smaller.
September 5th Little boys (like Ken and Mike) love to sit on tractors and pretend they're driving. Click HERE.

On this day of the Full Harvest Moon, let us "drink a toast to Dionysus, the God of wine and ecstasy - The son of the Moon! Gather with friends to celebrate the vine with a bottle of good wine and good cheer. Catch the Moon's reflection in your cup and raise it up in salutation. Now drink in Her essence and feel the presence of the God and Goddess." (I don't remember where I found those words.)
September 6th Here the boats are beginning to assemble for the 1st Annual Little Bass Lake Labor Day Boat Parade. It was small this year (teething problems I suppose)......6 boats and 22 people. Next year it's going to be 12 boats and 40 people (hopefully). Click HERE.
Labor Day This afternoon the knob on the game room door came off thus "trapping" Molly, Kaylee, Jakie, and Jonathon inside. One of them pointed out the fact that they might have to spend the whole night locked in there (even though it was only mid-afternoon at the time), which resulted in a serious feeling of panic. Eventually their cries of distress were heard and one of the Moms came to their "rescue", at which time they appeared to be much relieved.
September 8th Late last June when the days first started to get shorter, they did so at the rate of 20 or 30 seconds per day. But this time of the year they're getting shorter by about 3 1/2 minutes per day. That's quite a difference, eh?
September 9th The fog comes
on little cat feet.
It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.
-- Carl Sandburg (1916)

Geez, I love dark, foggy mornings like this one!!!!!!!!
September 10th I have nothing to say.
September 11th What lovely weather we are having.......sunny, warm, and calm, and the lake temperature is up to 72 degrees. That's the warmest the water has been on this date in at least four years, which seems odd considering that all summer it has been at its coldest in at least four years.
September 12th As some of you know, my youngest daughter (Teri) has recently moved to Scotland to attend the University of Edinburgh. She flew into London this morning and then was arrested as she tried to board her connecting flight to Edinburgh. To see an account of her first day in the UK (and her first time in jail), click HERE. It's from a "facebook" entry.
September 13th If the Vikings ever make it to another Superbowl (and I hope they don't), it would be nice to see them do it with Brett.
September 14th In case you're interested, here's what the Farmer's Almanac says about this winter in our neck of the woods. By the way, in our area, center is about mid-wisconsin, so we are west of center:
The winter will be much colder than normal, with temperatures 3 degrees below normal in the east and 6 degrees below normal in the west. The coldest below normal period will be in March. Precipitation and snowfall will be below normal in the east and above normal in the west. The snowiest period will be in late February.
September 15th The first games in the Twins new outdoor stadium next Spring will be against the Boston Red Sox on April 12th, 13th and 14th. I heard that the Twins are giving free long Johns to the first 500 fans on the 12th, but that might not be true. Here are the high and low temperatures in St. Paul this year and last year on those dates:

4/12/09     H=57     L=39
4/13/09     H=56     L=41
4/14/09     H=64     L= 37

4/12/08     H=36     L=29
4/13/08     H=44     L=26
4/14/08     H=53     L=25

Nice baseball weather, eh? Especially in 2008. By the way, the Farmer's Almanac for those days next year says sunny and cool on the 12th and 13th, cool with rain on the 14th. The average High and Low temps for those days are 57 and 39 respectively.
September 16th John Latimer (of the KAXE Phenology show) has a theory that the male hummingbirds head south before the females, and he asked everyone to notice which genders they're seeing at their feeders in the final weeks. I haven't seen one in nearly a week now, but I did notice that in their final week or better, I saw only females. (That's assuming, of course, that the males don't lose their color in the fall and make it difficult to tell the difference.)
September 17th There's not much color around here yet. About the only colorful thing on the resort (other than the sumac) is this maple, which is already a tad past its prime. Click HERE.
September 18th Welcome back to Jodie K and group as well as Jennifer L and group. Both are here for the 2nd time this year, although this trip is only for a few days.
September 19th This past summer someone found an old matchbook cover in cabin # 3. It's from the Alamo Plaza Hotel in Oklahoma City and it has a handwritten date on it of July 9, 1948. What in the world have the cleaning ladies been doing for the past 61 years?????? It was probably under the sofa or something........

Note to the cleaning ladies (added later): Someone really did find that matchbook in the cabin, but I have no idea where he found it. And the crack about it being under the sofa was a joke. Okay? Now relax, I was just kidding.
September 20th Yesterday afternoon Bob C went fishing on Little Bass Lake for the first time ever, and he caught the first fish he has caught in 25 years. Click HERE.

Fran........nice one!!!!! Good job! Of course Jennifer got a nice bass too, and she cleaned both of them all by herself. Click HERE.
September 21st Are these ladies (Jennifer and Fran) anglers, or what? (Note added later: Originally the previous sentence used the word "fisherpersons" instead of "anglers". Thanks to Jeff K, I now have the terminology correct.) And they've caught more than just these two. Click HERE.
The Autumnal Equinox Autumn -- the reprieve from summer.
                        --   Mike Garofalo (2007)

Autumn -- it's about time!
            --   Jerry Angst (2009)

Autumn begins this afternoon at 4:19. Let us drink a toast to Dionysus, the God of wine and ecstasy, whose celebrations were often associated with Autumn and the harvest.
September 23rd The water temperature at the moment is just a tad over 70 degrees. The last couple of years it was in the high 50s at this time. Now that is weird after the cold summer we've just experienced. Click HERE.
September 24th This is a tad after the fact, but if you'd like to see the new fish guts pit (though I can't imagine why you would), click HERE.
September 25th Happy Birthday Lori!!!!!!!!
September 26th TBD (maybe)
September 27th TBD (maybe)
September 28th Cold, windy, rainy, and my guests from Arkansas still go fishing. Talk about die-hards!!!!! And they do that virtually every day they're here for the whole two weeks.
September 29th 38 degrees outside, 59 degrees furnace is on the blink. Sigh. And with 28 degrees predicted for tonight a fire in the fireplace might be a good thing, eh?

Happy Birthday to Cindy (aka SL)!!!!!!!!!!

Nice fish, eh? They're Crappies, a Northern, and a Walleye, and they came from Little Jay Gould Lake. Click HERE.
September 30th 33 degrees outside, 57 degrees inside. Sooo.......I lit the fire, isn't it good, Norwegian Wood.

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