February 2017

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February 1st   Go to the winter woods:   listen there, look, watch, and “the dead months” will give you a subtler secret than any you have yet found in the forest.
-- Fiona Macleod (circa 1884)
Ground Hog  
Today is my Dear Grandma Flaude's birthday.......if she were still alive she would be 111 years old. Many years ago on this day, some of us older grandkids would be bold enough to ask Gram if she saw her shadow, but she always took it very pleasantly. To see her on her wedding day, click HERE. To see her on her graduation day, which was many years after her wedding day, click HERE.

I don't know about Punxsutawney Phil on Gobbler's Knob, but our local Ground Hog definitely saw his shadow this morning, meaning (only) six more weeks of winter. When it's still cold and snowy come mid-March, remember that prediction.   [Did I get it right this time Chick?]
February 3rd   Last December this picture was posted on Facebook by Lake Country power; it's a power pole that had been damaged by a bear. The pole, which costs $2,700 to replace, is located between Cohasset and Deer River. Click HERE.   [Thanks for the info Colleen.]
February 4th   It's a little early to be pointing this out, but I'll repeat it again around the first of June (and I'll also have better information then). On highway 73 about 12 miles north of Moose Lake there is a bridge that will be closed all summer. I don't yet know the exact dates and I don't know what the detour will be, but depending on the detour, that might not be the best route from the Cities to LBLR next summer. I'll keep you posted.
Super Bowl  
It was an interesting and exciting game, eh?
February 6th   For a little comparison, click HERE.
February 7th   Snow Shoeing is a nice way to get exercise in the wintertime. It's good for you, it's not expensive, it's fun, and it's easy enough for an old man to do. Right Deb?
February 8th   More snowblowing today. It has been a nice winter so far.......not too harsh but not too wimpy. Keep it up for another month please.
February 9th   Walking on the lake at 10 degrees below zero and no wind is fun and exhilarating. Click HERE.
February 10th   The Chronicles mentioned snowshoeing and then I received this picture in my e-mail (click HERE). In case you don't recognize them, that's Allie and Colleen (of the Firebug Carlsons) and their cousin Marie. That was Colleen's first time on snowshoes. She said I could show that picture.......but only if I show this one too (click HERE). That day was Deb's first time on snowshoes too.
February 11th   Tonight is the full "Snow Moon". Click HERE.
February 23rd   I'm fine. Really I am. Thanks for your concern. To use one person's phrase, my writer's block has turned into a writer's tree. All the entries seemed to be what the temperature was at the time, and every picture seemed to be a view of the lake with snow on it, which surely is not all that interesting. Soooo.......I've decided to "let it rest" for a bit. Sorry about that.

Speaking of temperature, like the down-staters and in spite of what the Farmer's Almanac predicted, we've had a lot of warm weather recently. Along with that we had a lot of rain this past weekend, which has certainly decreased our snow cover. However, unlike the southern part of the state which has virtually no snow cover at the momement, we still have a fair amount. The driveways are down to bare gravel but the lawns, etc, are still covered. At the moment the ski and snowmobile trails are in very poor condition, but if the weather turns cold this weekend as predicted, and if the ski trails are re-groomed, they may be usable again. I don't know for sure about the snowmobile trails but I'm afraid we may need more snow for the sledding to improve.
February 28th   I'm sorry about the lost couple of weeks, but now on to March........

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