July 2017

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July 1st   A few things of note:
  • Yesterday Ron & Bev D and Aaron & Sarah A (and family) left, both after staying for a week and half.
  • Yesterday also saw the arrival of Deb and my Dear Daughter Tracie (and family).
  • This morning Ted K (and his group) left after spending the past week in cabins 5 & 6. They did a lot of fishing, a lot of sitting around the campfire, and even had several volleyball games. They sure seemed to have had a good time.
  • This afternoon will see the arrival of my Dear Daughter Tammy's family (due to work responsibilites Tammy won't arrive until Tuesday), my nephew Jason and family, and North Carolina Laurie who has been on the road for the past 2 days.

This promises to be another lovely 4th of July week!!!!!
July 2nd Loons!!!!! Two of them!!!!! Click HERE. If you remember, LBLR has not been all that productive from a Loon standpoint. These are only the 2nd and 3rd baby Loons that we've had in the last 5 years (the last one was in 2015), and the years before those were similar.
July 3rd   Geez(!).......what GREAT "at the lake" weather this has been so far, and it's suppose to continue all week.
July 4th   Nice July 4th weather (and activities), eh? Click HERE.

And click HERE for a neat Independence Day picture.
July 5th   Click HERE to see the annual Angst July 4th week feast.
July 6th   Look at this!!!!! Look at this!!!! My Granddaughter Nattie and her boyfriend Dan (now my future grandson-in-law) became engaged on the LBLR north dock. Congrats you guys!!!!! Click HERE and HERE.
July 7th   No matter how gorgeous the day is, this scene occurs fairly often. Click HERE. At least Deb's sudoku isn't an electronic version and at least they're all outdoors taking advantage of the nice weather.
July 8th   The family is gone.......and what a great July 4th week it was. Thank you! Unfortunately three people were missing: my California daughter Teri along with her husband Steff, and my oldest grandson Josh who was in North Carolina. We missed you! Same time next year?
July 9th   Welcome back to Michelle and Jeff W who arrived yesterday, and to Iowa Terry's group, who will be arriving in stages and wont all be here until Tuesday, two days hence. But the late arrivals will stay through next week as well.
July 10th   I missed it, but the middle of the year occurred at noon (1:00 PM daylight saving time) on July 2nd, so we are already eight days into the second half of the year, which has just begun. As we all know, every year is shorter than the one before it. Sigh.......
July 11th   Do what we can, summer will have its flies.
                            -- Ralph Waldo Emerson (circa 1850)

And this year is no exception.
July 12th   Happy 50th Birthday Erin!!!!! She's the last of the three Turner sisters to reach 50. Today is her birthday but this picture is from her surprise party, which was last Saturday (four days ago) and as I understand it, it was a total, complete, surpise! Is that right Erin? Click HERE.
July 13th   Click HERE to see the annual Rieder breakfast on the front porch, which is a several year tradition.
July 14th   Neat picture, eh? Thanks Tam. Click HERE.
July 15th   It's Saturday, so welcome to the new guests. First of all, Ryan and Amanda J (and kids) are still here. Arriving today are Karl and Kari D (and daughter Harley), Daniella W (and group), and Dustin E (and group). It's good to have you all back.
July 16th   Kaylee and Mani.......what good friends. Click HERE.

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