June 2017

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June 1st   Summer is coming - I hear her quick footsteps;
Take your last look at the beautiful Spring.

                                -- Dora Goodale (circa 1925)

I know, I know, summer is still three weeks away, but since this is the month in which she arrives we can say "she's coming"! The appearance of the landscape won't change much between now and then but hopefully some warmer temperatures will indicate that the season has changed. That, and the arrival of more bugs unfortunately.
June 2nd   This is a picture of a flock of Cliff Swallows flying to the edge of a puddle to get mud for their nests. There are about 15 of them in the picture but at times there were at least twice that many. We were watching them through a window in Florio's as we ate lunch and they were coming and going during our entire meal. By the way, that's a regular springtime occurrence; I've seen them there in several past years. Click HERE.
June 3rd   The first FULL week of the summer season began today when the members of the Charles City (Iowa) Invasion arrived.......more than enough of them to fill all the cabins. Welcome back you guys!!! Click HERE.
June 4th   There has been a change to Highway 2 between Grand Rapids and Cohasset, and I'm not sure that I understand the reason. It used to be a four lane highway with a speed limit of 60 MPH. Now there are two lanes heading west but only one lane heading east (toward Grand Rapids); the second eastbound lane has become a left-turn lane for traffic going in both directions. The speed limit is still 60 but it seems like the eastbound traffic is always moving slower than that and there is now no left lane to use for passing. I wonder why they did this and I wonder why the eastly direction was chosen to go to a single lane.
June 5th   The swimming raft is finally in the water but obviously not the front porch, which is still in the process of being re-carpeted. Click HERE.
D-Day   73 years ago today Operation Overlord began; 155,000 Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy in France. In spite of Hitler's orders that "the beachhead there must be cleaned up no later than tonight", the allied soldiers quickly broke through Hitler's so-called Atlantic Wall and pushed inland in the largest amphibious military operation in history. This was also a big day in the history of World War II in the Pacific. In 1942 this day was the midpoint in the Battle of Midway, the turning point in the war against Japan.
June 7th   The newly re-carpeted front porch is finally in the water!!! Click HERE.
June 8th   This isn't a good picture but it appears that three (maybe four) of these came up and laid eggs last night and this morning. Click HERE.
June 9th   Some people are making good use of the raft and the front porch. Click HERE. It's nice to see.
June 10th   A high temperature of nearly 90 degrees today.......this is the first good "sitting under the trees on the point" day. Unfortunately it's a Saturday; not as busy as most Saturdays, but busy nonetheless.
June 11th    
June 12th   Caden was very excited about this bass that he caught from the front porch. Click HERE to see him and his fish.
June 13th   Ogle's Grocery store is now a Super One Grocery store, and as I mentioned several weeks ago, the old Cub Grocery store is now a Super One also. For years there has been no competition in the gasoline market in this town and now we have no competition among grocery stores either. Sigh.......
June 14th   Okay you guys.......since August 25, 2005 (that's almost 15 years) I have been spelling the word "won't" in these Chronicles without using an apostrophe, thus making it an entirely different word. Hasn't anyone ever noticed that? If so, couldn't someone have said something to me???? Charlie S, we've been good friends since grade school, you could have said something. Or Linda A, an English teacher, surely you have noticed it. I went back and corrected a few of them from recent months, but the rest are there to stay. A quick count, using the LBLR Chronicles Search Facility (the link is near the bottom of this page) shows that there are at least 54 instances of the misspelling still in there. I must have missed school the day that Sister Anna or Sister Claudette taught us how to spell that word back in the first or second grade, but I've got it now.......finally.

PS:   Happy Flag Day
June 15th   HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB!!!   You're still a Kid, but you're getting to be a slightly older Kid.......which is really nice. Click HERE to see Deb taking part in various sporting activities, namely kayaking on the Mississippi River, snowshoeing at Giants Ridge, skiing in Ely, and ice fishing on Lake of the Woods. All that activity is a sign that she's still a kid, right?
June 16th   There are two baby Falcons in the nest and one egg still unhatched. If you go to the Falcon Cam (click HERE, ours is the Boswell Cam) and then look at the "24-hour view" you will get some glimpses of the chicks. Thanks to North Carolina Laurie for the information.
June 17th   You saw Caden's bass a few days ago, right? (If not, see the June 12th entry, above.) Click HERE to see what he caught now. Neato!!! There's quite a difference in the two.
June 18th   Sunday mornings are great. No matter what time of year it is or what the weather is, Sunday mornings are great. And a person only has so many of them in a life-time so it's a shame when you have lose one of them due to work, a class, etc. Right Deb?

Happy Fathers' Day to all you Pops out there!
June 19th   A thought for today, the last day of Spring:
Spring flew swiftly by, and summer came; and if the [world] had been beautiful at first, it was now in the full glow and luxuriance of its richness.
-- Charles Dickens (1837)
Today at 11:24 PM, the Glorious Summer will arrive. However, for the people in the Eastern Time zone it will arrive at 12:24 AM, which is actually tomorrow morning. That situation seems to happen a lot. But no matter what day it arrives for you, today or tomorrow, Have a HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!
June 21st   Does anyone know who this is or why it was sent to LBLR? Click HERE.
June 22nd Welcome back (yesterday) to Ron and Bev from Rochester and to Sarah and Aaron from Indianapolis. Both will be here for a week and a half.
June 23rd Happy Anniversary to Erin and Tom. Which one is this? The 17th, right?
June 24th Darned pontoon motors; they're nuthun' but trouble! Well.......all boat motors are nuthun' but trouble.
June 25th I'm not having enough fun right now.
                -- Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes)

Me too!
June 26th Hey Carlsons, look(!!!).......tons and tons of firewood, assuming that I get some of it cut up and split, of course. And it's all nice and dry, and just sitting there waiting for you. Click HERE.
June 27th At my age a person has a lot more to look back on than to look forward to.......which is NOT a bad thing. I'm okay with it.
June 28th From the sound of her e-mails over the past several months, it would appear that North Carolina Laurie has been somewhat anxious (that's an understatement) for the morning to arrive on which she begins her trip to LBLR. One more day Laurie, just one more day. I'll see on the first.
June 29th Many public-school children seem to know only two dates: 1492 and the 4th of July; and as a rule they don't know what happened on either occasion.
-- Mark Twain (circa 1890)

Although it seems a sign of modern times, it has apparently been common for old people to mock the youngsters for their lack of general knowledge for many generations. It seems that things haven't changed much in the last couple of hundred years or so, and if you've read much of Mr. Twain's writings it appears obvious. Here are three more examples which have appeared in these Chronicles over the years:

[The modern] "get rich quick" disease has produced a civilization which has destroyed the simplicity and repose of life, its poetry, its soft romantic dreams and visions.......and replaced them with a money fever, sordid ideals, vulgar ambitions, and a sleep which does not refresh. It has created a thousand useless luxuries and turned them into necessities which satisfy nothing.

The approach of Christmas brings harassment and dread to many excellent people. They have to buy a cart-load of presents, and they never know what to buy to hit the various tastes. They put in several weeks of hard and anxious work, and when Christmas morning comes they are so dissatisfied with the result, and so disappointed, that they want to sit down and cry. Then they give thanks that Christmas comes but once a year.

A New Year's resolution holds pretty well the first time. But when it becomes old and frayed and damaged by a dozen annual retryings of its remains, it ceases to be serviceable, and any little strain will snap it.

Those are all "modern sounding" complaints and yet Mr. Twain wrote them over 120 years ago!
June 30th   The June 8th entry (see above) contains a picture of a snapping turtle laying her eggs in a hole that she dug in the parking area by the house. The last two nights we had a visitor who dug into the nest and destroyed the eggs. It was probably a fox or a racoon, but most likely a fox if history is to be considered. Click HERE to see the results of the first night's visitation (the little white particles are egg shell fragments), and click HERE to see a picture of the fox that was taken with a trail cam when this situation occurred in October of 2013.

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