April 2006

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April Fools' Day My sons-in-law put the docks on the shore this morning, so now the ice can melt. The snow is down to a few piles plus what's still in the woods, but if we get a few more warm days, that will be gone too. Apparently it's time to start the yard work.
April_2nd To see my Grandson's thoughts about LBLR click HERE. This is exactly as he wrote it, including the "clip art". The only thing I did was add the short Bio at the end of it.
April 3rd To see a satellite view of LBLR, click HERE.
April 4th There were tons and tons of Juncos at the bird feeder this morning. It's funny the way they arrive......there were none yesterday and today they're all over the place. The only thing my bird book says about it is that they'll arrive in northern Alaska around May Day. They have a long way to go yet (and a short time to get there).
April 5th On this morning in 1968 (38 years ago) as a senior in college I went to my expository writing class. Instead of covering our class material, the instructor told us each to spend the class time writing down our feelings in the wake of Martin Luther King's assassination, which had occurred the previous evening. She didn't want our papers to be handed in; we were merely instructed to take them home with us and file them away, perhaps for some of our decendants to read one day in the distant future. I still have mine, though I can't lay my hands on it at the moment.
April 6th The March 18th LBLR Chronicles entry contained a discussion of the annual St. Urho's Day celebration in Squaw Lake. To see a picture of the winner of the best float contest, click HERE. Incidentally, the winning float was entered by the Crow Bar and Grill. Click HERE to go to their web-site. Notice that breakfasts are not listed on their menu page, but their "house" omelet (cream cheese and wild rice) is delicious. That, along with a Bloody Mary, makes a great breakfast. And click HERE to see the Squaw Lake web-site.......a neat Northern Minnesota community.

There were two Canada Geese sitting on the ice in Beaver Bay this morning!
April 7th This is from "" this morning......
"AURORA WATCH: Beautiful auroras lit up parts of North America on April 5th. It could happen again on April 9th or 10th when Earth enters a solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole on the sun. Stay tuned for updates."
Be sure to watch the sky in a couple of days.
April 8th Spring is really here. Cindy and Barb did the Spring cleaning in the first of the cabins today.
April 9th We really got into some heavy duty yard work/garage cleaning today. Thanks for the help Joe.

I'm not sure, but I really think I heard a loon call today. I think it was flying over the resort, but by the time I got outside, it was gone! There were a lot of Golden Eyes and at least one pair of Hooded Mergansers on the river today. I saw my first Robin of the Spring, but it wasn't here on the resort. Little Bass is still completely covered with ice, but it sure is getting gray. I think it'll be gone at least by next Sunday, maybe before.
April 10th The Merlin returned a few days ago and my bird expert friend, Jerry B, was here today and comfirmed beyond all doubt, that it is indeed, a Merlin. In fact, there are pair of them here this year so maybe they'll be around all summer........much to the displeasure of the other local birds, I'm sure.
April 11th The wind is blowing from the southwest and there's a little open water along the shore on this side of the lake. In that little bit of open water there are Mallards, Golden Eyes, and Wood Ducks.
April 12th 9:00 AM.......At least 3/4 of the lake is still covered with ice, but Beaver Bay is open and I heard the loons calling from there. This is another fine example of what was covered in my short dissertation last year on April 15th. (Click HERE.)

2:30 PM.....A gift from the gods! About an hour ago a strong wind suddenly came out of the west and most of the lake is now devoid of ice. There is a little in Landing Bay and it looks like Beaver Bay is filled with ice being blown in from the center of the lake. From here it appears that Peterson Bay is clear. If the wind keeps up for another hour or so the whole lake might be clear.
April 13th As my Bird Expert friend, Jerry B, told me, it's MY list so I can do with it what I like. So......I'm adding a Barred Owl and a Great Gray Owl to my LBL bird list. The Barred Owl is being added because I've heard one on the resort even though I haven't actually seen one, and the Great Gray is being added to the list because even though I haven't actually seen one on the lake or the resort, I've seen one near Randy's property on the south end of the lake. That brings the total number of LBL species up to 71.

Click HERE for a picture from yesterday. And as of today, I hereby declare that the ice is gone!
April 14th Geez, the weather is nice down here in St. Paul today.
April 15th The first boat on LBL this year (and Lori is driving it). Click HERE.
Easter Sunday One year in the 1970s, my Dear Grandpa gave a baby rabbit to each of his younger grandchildren and great grandchildren as an Easter present. The little kids were delighted with their new pets, but their Moms didn't appreciated his choice of gifts. I believe they would have preferred to have been consulted first. Anyway, as the little rabbits got bigger the Moms began to wonder what they were going to do with all of those "pets". My Dad came to the rescue. He volunteered to take all the rabbits off their hands..........and to host a backyard barbecue a short time later. It went over better than I ever would have expected, although there were a few people who wouldn't eat the main course lest they happen to get a piece of a former pet.
April 17th Today is my birthday. I am an Aries. Here's what I once read about being an Aries:
"You are the pioneer type and think most people are idiots. You are quick to reprimand, impatient, and scornful of advice. You do nothing but irritate everyone you come in contact with. You are a jerk."
Does it fit, do you suppose?
April 18th When it first came out, frozen food wasn't progress.......but now it is!
April 19th Beautiful thunderstorm tonight! Lovely!
April 20th On this day in 1945 Adolf Hitler celebrated his 56th birthday. Ten days later he committed suicide and seven days after that the war in Europe was over. He too, was an Aries.
April 21st About 11 months ago the mother turtles crawled out of the lake, climbed up on my hill, and layed their eggs. This morning I saw the first newly hatched little one slowly making his way down the hill and into the lake. I put a pen in the picture to indicate the size of the little guy. Click HERE.
April 22th We lost a very Dear Friend last night. Shirley Mickelson died of cancer in her home in Arizona. She will be sorely missed. Here's to you were the best.

Although nobody ever recognized her, she has been on my web-site since the mid-1990s. I needed someone to pose for me in this relaxed scene and she agreed to do it. She's the woman sitting in the "love-seat" on the shoreline on this page. Click HERE.
April 23th Yesterday me and Brian and Ann put all three pontoons, two docks, and the swimming raft in the water. How's that for a day's work? Click HERE to see a sample.
April 24th Why is it that we can have this gorgeous weather early in the Spring, but the weather on the fishing opener is always so terrible?
April 25th It was a fine golf afternoon.
April 26th In 650 BC Democritus of Abdera said "Nothing exists but atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion". Geez, did he ever have that right.
April 27th Recently there were a couple of Turkey Vultures circling above the resort, bringing my list of LBL bird species up to 72. That's fairly early in the year for Turkey Vultures.......they must have just arrived.

Incidentally, on April 13th it was mentioned that a Great Gray Owl was added to my list of LBL birds even though it was a fair distance (1/4 mile maybe) from the lake but near Randy's property. Since I have only seen one other Great Gray (several miles from here and several years ago) I assume that Randy's Great Gray, which I saw last winter, was associated with the ones in this interesting article. Click HERE.
Arbor Day "Other holidays repose on the past. Arbor Day proposes the future. -- J. Sterling Morton (1872)

To read about Arbor Day, click HERE, and PLANT AT LEAST ONE TREE THIS SPRING!
April 29th Yesterday I drove to Brainerd and picked up 150 trees (100 Tamaracks, 25 White Pines, and 25 Red Pines) and 25 High Bush Cranberry bushes, most of which will be planted somewhere on the resort in the next week or two. Since yesterday was Arbor Day, that was appropriate, was it not?

Hey Jeff and of today, your cabin has been spring cleaned; it's now ready and awaiting your arrival. Unfortunately your dock is still sitting on shore.
April 30th Nothing but wind, rain, and cold yesterday and today. Nice fireplace weather. With weather like this, one would think that it's the weekend of the fishing opener.

Water depth: My measuring spot which was dry in late April of 2004, measured 16 inches in mid-June last year, and stands at 10 inches today.

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