A Continuation of the 20 Years of
April 2018

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April 8th   Change is necessary. Right?
Change is a good thing. Right?
Change is scary and confusing.
Change scares the heck out of me.
Change leaves me in a state of frustration.
Change can heal the soul or tear it apart leaving little pieces scattered about.
But we must think of little caterpillars that turn into beautiful butterflies.
                                  -- Glenda Lee Woodson, September 2014

I'm sorry for the loo-oong delay since the last entry, but as I said back on March 22nd, things are changing at LBLR.......the biggest change is the fact that I don't own it anymore! The new owners are Tim & Monica Bluhm. You can meet them by clicking HERE; their new website is HERE. They are super nice people and I'm sure you'll like them. They promise to run the resort the same way I ran it for the past 26 summers.......except that you might see some improvements to the facility. If you're a regular cutomer, you'll enjoy vacationing at LBLR as much as you have in the past, maybe even more. If you haven't been there in awhile or maybe have never been there, try it. You'll like it! Although I've left the area, I plan to spend a fair amount of time in the Grand Rapids area this summer, so there's a good chance that you'll see me there (and probably Deb as well).
April 9th   It is my intent to keep the Chronicles going for the time being, although I don't know how successful I'll be. If you have any thoughts about this, please click on the mailbox below and send me an e-mail. Thanks.
April 10th   Yesterday the TV weatherman informed us that so far in Minnesota for the month of April the temperature has been between 10 and 20 degrees below normal every single day. Sheesh! The ice on the lake may never melt.
April 11th   Some thoughts upon leaving LBLR:

Tammy was the first of my Dear Daughters to see LBLR. During the month before I actually took ownership I spent weekends at the resort doing miscellaneous chores and learning how to put the docks in the lake, how to start the cabins up in the spring, etc, etc, etc. On one of those weekends (late April of 1992) Tammy came with me and we spent two nights in cabin 5. She was pregnant with her first child (my oldest Grandson, Josh) and even though she had a few bouts with morning sickness during the weekend we had a good time, not the least of which was discovering the delicious pizza at Jackpine Junction.

Now jump ahead almost 26 March 17, 2018. It was the final cleaning day at LBLR. The house had been emptied and Deb, Tammy, Cindy, Dave, and I spent the day cleaning it before Tim and Monica took over the next day. We started early in the morning and worked hard so that by late afternoon it was ready for them. Tammy, who was staying in cabin 5 just as she had that first time 26 years before, had packed up her stuff and was ready to leave. I walked over to say good-bye and as we hugged, a stream of tears began to run down her face. In fact, she was crying so hard that she couldn't even say good-bye to rest of us, she just waved from the car as she pulled out of the driveway. Poor Tammy! Now look at the May 1, 2007 entry in the Chronicles to read what she was really thinking on her first trip to LBLR; click HERE to see it.
April 12th   The word for the day is SATISFACTION.   SAT-IS-FAC-TION!

Life would be easier if one could be truly satified, but at times it's difficult. Along that same line, click HERE to see the Chronicles entry for May 17, 2008.
April 13th   HAPPY 73rd BIRTHDAY to Wayne B(!).......a long time LBLR customer who is even older than me, but only by a year.

Wayne now lives in Arkansas but he grew up in Iowa. He was nine years old when he and his family came to fish in Minnesota for the first time, which was back in 1954. They went to the Brainard area at first but 14 years later they switched to Mallard Point Resort on Prairie Lake in Grand Rapids; that was in 1968. They continued to stay at Mallard Point for the next 32 years until it closed up in the year 2000, at which time they began staying in Cabin 2 at LBLR. [Aside -- How they happened to end up at LBLR is an interesting story which I wont go into now, but they've been using LBLR as their fishing camp ever since. -- End of Aside] Wayne had a streak of 60 continuous years of coming to Minnesota to fish, but for medical reasons he couldn't make the trip in 2015 so the streak ended there. He and his son David, and his Grandson Parker will be at LBLR for their Spring trip in late May, and although I don't live in Grand Rapids anymore, I will be there to greet them when they arrive.
April 14th   Okay, here's my first shot at a plan for the Chronicles. I'll use one of Dennis W's suggestions (thanks Dennis) and title it "The Last Resort" as you may have noticed at the top of this page. The Last Resort will simply become a continuation of the LBLR Chronicles including the use of the Archives and the Search Facility. Then I'll just continue as always, but I don't yet know how often there will be entries added to it or what those entries will consist of. Of course that's nothing new.......the Chronicles have always been somewhat like that. Any comments?
April 15th   From Inver Grove Heights:   It snowed the night before last. It snowed yesterday and last night. It's still snowing this morning and more snow is predicted for this afternoon and again tonight. Total accumulation in this storm so far is a foot or more. It's mid-April, for goodness sake, and today is the 3rd Twins game of this 4 game series against the White Sox to be postponed because of snow. Sheesh!
April 16th   By the way, if there is ever a reason why you might want to get back to the "old" LBLR main page (to use as a link to get to other pages that it links to, for example) you can get to it by clicking HERE. You can bookmark that page (ie, put it in your favorites) if you think you'll ever want to get back to it.
April 17th   Just because I don't live at LBLR anymore doesn't mean that I can't make comments about it, right? By this date last year five of the six cabins were up and running, the spring cleaning had already been done on those five cabins, and the raking was almost finished. This year everything is still frozen, the ground is covered with snow, and none of the cabins have been opened up. Sheesh! To Monica and Tim:   You picked a weird spring to start your resorting experience.
April 18th   Heads, I do a Chronicles entry today. Tails, I don't. Here's the's Tails.
The First Day  
of Summer  
Happy First Day of Summer everyone. I know, I know.......summer doesn't arrive until mid-June in the US (and in Minnesota this year, maybe even as late as August), but today in Iceland there are parades, sporting events, and entertainment to celebrate the First Day of Summer. In former times, the Icelanders used the Old Norse calendar which divided the year into only two seasons, winter and summer, and summer began (for some reason) on the first Thursday after April 18th. That's today(!), so: Happy First Day of Summer!!!
April 20th   Here is yet another little known LBLR fact which is not germane to anything (ie, "it's neither here nor there", as the saying goes):
In July of 2003 an Angst reunion had 40 people staying in the resort, the most for a single group in the modern era. Click HERE. Then in July of 2004 the Kelcher/Norman clan had 45 people staying at LBLR at one time, which became the new record (as well being the most diverse group). Click HERE. That was the record until June of 2015 when the Charles City group (led by Monica and Tim Blum who now own LBLR) had 50 people staying in the resort for a few days. That continues to be the record for a single group or a single night, and I suspect that it will remain the record for a long time. There were Iowans all over the place that week!!!! (Sorry. There is no picture of this group.)
April 21st   Could I philosophize a bit? Thanks. Although I'm 72 years old, I'm an able bodied man.......relatively able bodied that is. My mind is working okay's not exactly what it used to be, but it's working pretty well. I could be working for a living, but I'm not; I'm letting other people take care of me. The government is supporting me by way of my monthly Social Security check, and my old company (IBM, whom I haven't work for in many years) is supporting me by way of my monthly pension check. Is that fair? I really could support myself. I couldn't work as hard or as efficently as I used to, but I could work. The philosophical question is this, should a person who is able to support himself be living off of other people? I've often wondered about that.

Rest assured that the above dissertation is, as I said, merely philosophical. I have a legal right to the income from those two places; I feel absolutely no guilt about taking the money and I have absolutely no thoughts whatsoever about not taking it (and enjoying it).
April 22nd   You are probably aware of the LBLR Stories, Poems, and Anecdotes page, right? It still exists and it's right HERE.
April 23rd   Today is the 454th anniversary of William Shakespeare's birth and the 402nd anniversary of his death. Click HERE to see a t-shirt that was given to Linda A by one of her English students several years ago. Hopefully you're wearing it today Linda, and thanks for the picture and the reminder to celebrate the day. [Although Linda hasn't been there in a few years, at one time she and her family were regular LBLR customers.]
April 24th   Since I left the resort five weeks ago, I've been asked occasionally "Sooo.....what are you doing now that you don't have the resort to keep you busy"? All I can say is "I don't know for sure what I'm doing because I don't have any experience along these lines, but I think I'm being a retired person".
April 25th   I'm always a little leery of these early sightings, but the Hummingbirds are certainly on their way northward. Click HERE, and be sure to add your own first sighting to the data. But if the past few years are any indication, in this neck of the woods we're still a couple of weeks away from seeing our first ones.
April 26th   The sound of frogs in the springtime is delightful and in Inver Grove Heights, even at noon, it emanates from every little body of water.......and there a lot of them. Some are still ice-covered, but the smaller ones are not. Click HERE.
April 27th   Is anyone reading this anymore???? Let me know, if you don't mind.
April 28th   A new story has been added to "Stories, Poems, & Anecdotes from the Northland" page. This one is titled "An Up North Parody" and it was written by Dennis Walsh, whose parents were my "neighbors to the south" for a long time. You can get to it by going to the "Stories, Poems, & Anecdotes from the Northland" page (click HERE) and then click on Dennis's story -- it's the 4th one from the top. Or you can go directly to it by clicking HERE. Read it; you'll enjoy it.
April 29th   Some famous person once said that more funny things are heard at a cocktail party in Paris than are heard in all of Germany in a whole year. I don't remember who said that, but from what I remember of Mark Twain and his feelings about the German Language (which he attempted to learn and complained about on many occasions), it certainly could have been him.
April 30th   Over my years at LBLR, occasionally someone would ask me if Little Bass Lake ever flooded. I alway used to repond by saying "Nah, we never flood up here.......we just send all the water down south and it floods down there, and that was the truth. Sooo, here it comes! This is a parking lot for the Mississippi Pub, a nice little "back woods" type bar beside the River in Inver Grove Heights. The River is a bit high, but not bad. Click HERE and HERE.

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