March 2018

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The Calends  
of March  
Winds of March, we welcome you,
There is work for you to do.
Work and play and blow all day,
Blow the Winter wind away.
                                  -- Susan Reiner

I've seen this little poem (titled "Spring Cleaning") in several places. Most sources attribute it to Susan Reiner but I can't find a reference to her anywhere except as associated with this poem. One source which quoted it, said that the author is unknown and that it's in the public domain. Wherever it came from and whoever Susan Reiner is, it fits nicely with the first of March, doesn't it?

A friend of mine has a nice, efficient, wood burning stove for sale. He used it to heat his home for years, and it worked well. Click HERE to see it. His asking price is $400. If you're interested or if you'd like more information, send me an e-mail. It's in the Cities, by the way.
March 2nd   In view of my advancing age (shall we say), I'm making some slight changes to the hours that I'll be available for this coming summer. Click HERE to see my new working hours.
March 3rd HERE.
March 4th   Sage advice:   Remember, we're in Minnesota and this is March. No matter how spring-like the weather may have been recently, do not get fooled into thinking that winter is over.
March 5th, 6th,  
and 7th  
This space intentionally left blank.
March 8th   To see the DNR Eagle Cam click HERE. In addition to daytime viewing, it has an infrared camera for viewing at night.
March 9th   If you watch the DNR Eagle Cam (see yesterday's entry) be sure to click on the March 6th update; it's quite interesting. Apparently this female, the matriarch of the nest, is having trouble with the snow this year as well as having boyfriend problems.
March 10th   Oh no! Another stupid writer's block. Click HERE.
March 11th   The mornings have been gorgeous these last few days. Click HERE to see the view from the cabin 6 living room shortly after sunrise.
March 12th   Speaking of the view from the Cabin 6 living room (see yesterday's entry), that view was toward the East. Click HERE to see the another view from the cabin 6 living room, but this one is toward the South. There are no cabins or neighbors on that side.
March 13th   Click HERE.
March 14th   THESE SIGNS

When I was a little kid growing up in Michigan, that one was on State Highway M57 between our house and my Grandpa's house. Does anyone have any others that you remember? No fair looking on-line for them.
March 15th   Click HERE to see my Dear Daughter Tammy's dog. She's going to put that picture up in cabin 5. It's a neat picture.
March 16th thru  
March 19th  
I'm really sorry about all these non-entries but as you've seen previously, it has happened many times before.......once even for a whole year.
March 20th   To Colleen & Kevin:   Thanks for inviting Deb and I to your house for a delicious corned beef and cabbage dinner this evening. It was very enjoyable.

To Erin, Allie, Finn, Angie, and Pat:   Thanks for being there and making it so enjoyable. (PS: In case you don't recognize their first names, these are the "firebug" Carlsons.)
March 21st   Oh geez, I forgot to say Happy First Day of Spring yesterday, but since we haven't seen anything near Spring-like weather, it was an easy thing to forget. Oh well, better late than never.
March 22nd   Things are in a state of change around here. More later.......

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