A Continuation of the 20+ Years of
November 2020

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November 22nd   No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member -
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds -
                                -- Thomas Hood (circa 1830)

Okay, after a seven week sabbatical, I'm back at it.......but today's entry will just be an updated version of the October 1st entry:

We are still tumbling into shorter days, but falling a little more slowly than we were on October 1st; and as I said then, although this will continue for another month, the rate of that tumble will become slower and slower as we near the Solstice. At the moment, we are losing daylight at the rate of about 2 minutes per day (it was 4 minutes per day on October 1st), but by mid-December the periods of daylight will be getting shorter by less than a minute per day. Even though the progression will be slowing down considerably, we'll still lose over a half hour more of precious daylight by the time it bottoms out. And by the way, we've already lost over 7 hours since Summer began 22 weeks ago.

Note:   Those numbers are for LBLR, but unless you're a long way south of LBLR, they're probably not much different where you live. For example, St. Paul has 15 minutes more daylight than LBLR has, Des Moines has a half hour more daylight than LBLR, Nashville has an hour more daylight than LBLR, Atlanta has an hour and 15 minutes more daylight than LBLR, and Miami has an hour and 45 minutes more daylight than LBLR. On the other hand, the sun set on the people of Barrow Alaska 4 days ago (click HERE), and they won't see daylight again until January 23rd.
November 23rd   As per my contacts in Grand Rapids, four days ago Little Bass Lake was starting to freeze around the edges (click HERE). Since then, however, some melting has occurred and it's now wide open. The median freeze date is a week from today.
November 24th   If one really tries, one can make boredom a way of life.......and with the right attitude it can actually be quite pleasant. And not only that, in these days of COVID lockdowns it comes in handy.
November 25th   Have you ever tasted dandelion wine? If not, do you know anyone who has? And if not, what's the most unusual type of homemade wine that you've had? Let me know, if you don't mind.
Thanksgiving Day   Click HERE.......and have a great day even if it's without family this year.
November 27th   Politics is politics, but it shouldn't come between friends.
November 28th   First, click HERE. That's me in a boat on a frosty morning eleven years ago today. You can tell it was a "frosty morning" by the rising sun and the ice on the lake (as well as the fact that it was in late November).

For most of my 26 years at LBLR I recorded ice in/out dates, and for the thirteen summers from 2006 to 2018 I recorded lake level readings. I also recorded lake temperatures and lake clarity once or twice a week during the four years beginning in 2006. The ice in/out dates and the lake level readings were easy ones, they could be done from the shore, but the temperature and clarity readings were a little tougher. It meant taking a boat out to the 62 foot deep hole, dropping a secchi disk and a temperature sensor into the water, and recording the values. But since it had to be done when the wind was at a minimum, it was usually done about the time the sun was coming up, and in the early spring and late fall that was not a comfortable time to be out on the lake. That picture was taken from a window in cabin 6, and as it turned out, that was the last reading of the year. It's a nice picture, isn't it? Hey Jeff (my son-in-law), thanks again for the you remember taking it?
November 29th   The amount of ice on LBL is not growing, but at least it appears to be hanging in there. Thanks for the picture Randy. Click HERE.

Today is the penultimate day of the penultimate month of 2020. I bet that thought never crossed your mind today, did it?
November 30th   Yesterday we had our family Thanksgiving Get-Together/Happy Hour (virtual of course). The grandma & grandpa, all three daughters, five of the seven grandkids, two sons-in-law (one is not in the picture), a grandson-in-law, and Deb, were in attendance. The group was spread around eight cities in three states at the time. Click HERE for a view of the computer screen during the get-together.

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