January 2006

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New Year's Day January is is a new beginning and an up-beat feeling.
January is opening the kitchen door and if you aren't quick, letting winter get inside the house.
January is sitting comfortably by the kitchen window on a cold morning before the sun comes up, drinking coffee, and watching the computer to see which of your IBM co-workers have gotten to their offices in Rochester yet.
January is no more Christmas for nearly a year.
January is a slow, quiet, nighttime walk across the lake under a clear sky at 30 below zero with no wind.
January is tranquility.
January is, without a doubt, my favorite month!
January 2nd Life is a funny old man, isn't he? One moment you're cruising along nicely thinking everything is all right, and then all of a sudden he sticks his foot out in front of you, and you fall flat on your face. And then he laughs and laughs even though it isn't the least bit humorous. Life is a funny old woman, isn't she?
January 3rd Persons attempting to find a motive in this year's Chronicles will be prosecuted.
Persons attempting to find a moral in them will be banished.
Persons attempting to find a plot in them will be shot.
By Order of the Author.

-- Mark Twain (with appropiate alterations since it's now in the public domain)
January 4th * Low 30s with a little rain and a lot of mist all day. Yuck......this isn't January weather!
* Hey Juls, are you back yet?
* If no one minds, I think I'm going to change my principles.
January 5th In a lot of places this is a common sight, but up in this neck of the woods it's almost unheard of......especially in the winter. A DNR friend of mine exclaims about it everytime he sees it. Click HERE.
Feast of the Epiphany Do you remember Nancy Kerrigan? Tanya Harding? It was 12 years ago today that Tanya's husband clubbed Nancy on the knee to keep her out of the Olympic Trials.
January 7th Last night I attended a get together for my friend and neighbor, Rich Casteel, who's leaving on Monday for a tour of duty in Iraq. He's in the Naval Reserve.....a Fighting [...] SeaBee like John Wayne. Good luck Richie!!!! If you get time send me an e-mail while you're there, and I'll see you when you get back.
January 8th I'd like to put in another plug for the South Switch in Angora. If you ever get the chance to go there, try their garlic and butter chicken wings. They're GREAT!!!!! And as their sign says: "If I'm not here, I'm probably out trying to find myself. If I return, please keep me here until I get back". Thanks!
January 9th My friend Gordie told me that he always saw a lot of Purple Finches in the wintertime when he lived in Ely. They were flocking with the Pine Siskins, he says. I don't doubt that, but I saw my first ever wintertime Purple Finch this afternoon. I wonder what he was doing here.
January 10th Darn(!), what a wimpy winter so far. In spite of what the Farmers' Almanac says, I don't think we're going to get a real one this year. And incidentally, even though the details aren't in here, the Farmers' Almanac weather predictions this year have been as bad as they usually are. They don't have a clue!
January 11th There are a lot of lakes in Itasca county. In fact, this county contains over a thousand lakes. And of all those lakes, every single person who has ever been on Little Bass lake agrees is definitely one of them.
January 12th There was a child went forth every day,
And the first object he look'd upon,
That object he became.
(Walt Whitman, 1855)

Today I was a garbage can.......the wind blew one into my driveway last night.
January 13th If God didn't want us to drink a lot of Claret, then why did he make so much of it?
January 14th In January, when the weather was cold and the snow was deep, wolf packs often howled hungrily outside Indian villages. That's why the Indians called January's full Moon the "Wolf Moon". Tonight is the Wolf Moon!
January 15th If a glass or two of fine claret doesn't eliminate one's problems, at least it will reduce their size.
January 16th A year ago tomorrow morning the temperature was -49 at LBLR and the Farmers' Almanac predicted "seasonable". This morning the temperature was +31 and the Farmers' Almanac predicted "very cold". That's an 80 degree difference from year to year. And would you have thought that someone could miss a weather prediction by that much? Click HERE.
January 17th We got less than an inch of snow last night and it was 4 degrees this morning. A little better but......big deal!
January 18th Hey Stover, a letter is in the mail. Click on the appropriate place below and send me your e-mail address, if you don't mind.
January 19th Sigh......
January 20th The ice is only 13 inches thick at the moment. Last year it was 15 inches thick on January 4th (2 1/2 weeks earlier than this), and 21 inches thick on February 10th (3 weeks hence).
January 21st 10 below zero this morning.

Juls and Brian and I went skiing on the Joyce Estates Trail. The conditions were quite good........and would have been even better if some dork hadn't have went down the trail on a snowmobile a couple days ago.
January_22nd There were a few Redpoles at the feeder this morning.....the first ones this winter.
January 23rd The number of ice-fishing houses on the lake is down to one.
January 24th Happy birthday Beth, and welcome to the Northland (a late welcome, since you've been here a few months now. (I guess the U.P. is the Northland.) Sorry we're not having winter this year.
January 25th I just spent the better part of half an hour looking for a quotation from Shakespeare that says something like "It takes our saddest words to tell the sweetest stories" or something along those lines. I know it's in this computer somewhere, but I just can't find it. With computers, you never really loose anything for good. You can forget that you wrote it and you can forget where you put it, but it always shows up again......usually after you forgot why you wanted it in the first place.
January 26th What do you think it's worth to travel 200 miles (one way) to replace your girlfriend's kitchen faucet?
January 27th Les Miserables was GREAT!
January 28th Hey Ron and Bev........thanks for the great time. Lori and I really enjoyed it. And especially thanks for the dinner; you buying (for a change) made it extra special. Seriously, thanks for the hospitality. The next one is up here, right?
January 29th A warm and rainy day.......very odd for January. And it's hard to believe, but the Farmers' Almanac called this one right. Wow!!!!

Brian and Ann.......thanks for the brunch.
January 30th The entry for November 19, 2005 is now relevant. To read it, click HERE.
January 31st As I said last year on this date: "And so ends my favorite month".

But last year January was winter......this year it hasn't really been that. We had a couple of below zero nights in December, but I don't remember a single one in January. I wouldn't call that "Winter"! We have 8 inches of snow cover at the moment (as per the Weather web-site) so no grass is showing, but just barely. I wouldn't call that "Winter" either. Sigh!!!!!

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