March 2006

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March 1st There's 5 to 10 inches of snow predicted to be here by tomorrow morning. "Red sky in the morning; sailors take warning". I hope this was a good omen. Click HERE.

Happy "Whuppity Scoorie Day" to all Scotsmen and to those of Scottish descent. And happy Ash Wednesday, as well. Have a good lent.
March_2nd After all the hype about snow yesterday, we ended up with about 2 inches of it......maybe less. Big deal!!!!!
March 3rd I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true.
I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have.
I must stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.

-- Abraham Lincoln (Suggested by Juls)
March 4th This is the log cabin that Lori is building. It's actually an old doll house but she's siding it with logs (wood dowels) and we shingled half of the roof this weekend. I'll put a better picture in here when it's done. Click HERE.
March 5th Feliz Cinco de Marzo!!!!
March 6th I've had to blow snow 3 times in the last week. This would have been much better if it had happened in early January. Click HERE.
March 7th One should have a small glass or two of claret each evening to recover from the terrors of the day.
March 8th This was my bird feeder this morning at 6:30. Click HERE.
March 9th Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

What a lovely day!!!!! It's about 1:00 PM, it's sunny, the temperature is about 40 degrees, and a few people in town this morning greated me with "It looks like spring is here". But remember, this is March and this is Minnesota. So no matter what one's heart says, this is still winter and we still have lots of winter weather ahead of us. I've been faked out with a false sense of "Spring is nearly upon us" in past years, but not this year darn it. Not this year!
March 10th In memory of my Dear Sister Deb (04/06/47 - 03/10/05). Click HERE.
And then see the March 10th through March 15th, and March 24th, 2005 Chronicles entries......they're HERE.
March 11th On this day in 2007 Daylight Saving Time will begin, and it will be in effect until November 4th (nearly 8 months). This new law which takes effect next year, was signed by President Bush last August.
March 12th The LBLR driveway is so full of slush that I can't get my car out. If I want to use the car during the day, I have to put it up on the hill early in the morning while the slush is still frozen. That's what I get for not blowing those last few inches of snow.
March 13th Let's take a stab at an "ice out" date. I think it'll be early this year, but not quite as early as last year.......I'll say Easter Sunday.
March 14th Everyone down state is getting blasted with a fresh dose of winter.....but not us!
March 15th For the Ides of March it's cold.....cold.....cold......a tad below zero this morning. Et tu, Brute?
March 16th On this day in 1988 (one of my later IBM years) I made a presentation to the the head of the programming area and his gang of four 3rd level managers. As I presented I watched a plan that took me nearly three weeks to develop, slowly crumble before my very eyes. That evening I wrote a very sarcastic letter about it to my Dear Sister Deb. Ya know, that was an unpleasant situation, but only at the has since become a nice (and humorous) memory! I have a lot more of those, all documented in letters to my sister. IBM for me was sorta like the army. It was a good thing to have done and a fun thing to reminisce about, but I'm glad it's over.
St. Patty's Day Happy 30th birthday (Oh my God!) to my Dear San Francisco Daughter (my youngest)...........and "Erin go bragh"(!). Ter, a birthday present will be forthcoming!
March 18th Saint Urho's Day was two days ago, but the Saint Urho's Day parade in Squaw Lake is always on the Saturday nearest to today was the day. I don't know who won the "Best Float" contest, but this morning I over-heard a recommendation from the designer of last year's winner to her driver. She said to him: "Listen Uncle Willy, you don't have to drive so fast this year. The fact that we won last year had nothing to do with the fact that you finished the parade before everyone else." Ya see, last year Uncle Willy started the parade last, and he passed all three of the other floats in the half mile of the parade (between the Crow Bar and the town's other bar named "The Hill"). Since he's a Finlander, I don't think he listened to her......but I wasn't at the parade to find out. The next time I get up to Squaw Lake I'll find out who won and I'll let you know.
March 19th Okay Mr. Dotzenrod, here you go. I'm not admitting to an untruth, you understand, but I will make a slight clarification concerning the Chronicles entry for March 16th (above). As Mr. Dotzenrod so nicely pointed out, I "still" work for IBM.......sorta. I work from my home, I'm a "supplemental" employee, and I'm part-time. That's not hardly the same as he and I did for many years, ergo, I stand by my statement that IBM was "a good thing to have done [...] but I'm glad it's over"! But thanks for keeping things accurate Ron.
The Vernal Equinox At 12:26 PM CST today Spring arrived! I walked across the lake from Randy's place last night......most likely for the last time this year. Even though it was very warm (about 20 degrees) there's still 8 or 12 inches of snow on the lake and it's solid, almost like walking on cement.

Have a nice first day of Spring!!!!
March 21st So long to Amy and to a long series of great dinners at Bridgeside. Both will be sorely missed! Sigh! (In case you didn't know, the Bridgeside, one of my favorite restaurants, will be closed for 6 months to a year and then it'll reopen as a Zorba's.)

PS: I suppose now I wont see Swede anymore either. Oh well!
March 22nd Who knows? I might even get to like raking up pine needles. Apparently I'm going to get plenty of practice this Spring.
March 23rd Why does life always seem to have a worm in it?!?!?! Sigh!
March 24th Happy 1st birthday to Jessica Kaye (see the Chronicles entry for this date last year). "One" is big and I bet it feels good not to be "zero" anymore. It's no fun being "zero", is it Jessie?

Happy 70th birthday to Jim Turner, as well! (But I'm not saying that's the other end of the spectrum of life Jim, because I'm right behind you). To see a picture of Jim and his Dear Wife Alice (aka Whiggins) from August two years ago, click HERE.
March 25th There were a few tufts of animal hair under the bird feeder this morning, which I assume were from a deer, but I don't really know. A Pine Siskin was picking some of it must be for a nest so it must be spring already. I'm surprised that Pine Siskins nest this far south or this early in the year. That shows you what I know about birds.

After almost three months of daily toil, that's it for the darned (and I softened that a bit) stones....they're done!!!! Click HERE.
March 26th Obviously I don't understand all I know about ice on the lake. It's now 21 inches thick. Considering that it was only 15 inches thick on February 13th and that the weather hasn't been all that cold, I wasn't expecting it to be even close to that. Last year it was 24 inches thick on April 3rd, so we're definitely behind that, but ya know what Brian? Without a bit of luck, there still might be ice on the weekend we plan to put the pontoons in the water.
March 27th Anybody can DO something stupid........but it takes a real brain to think it up.
March 28th The chipmonks are awake! There were a few of them rustling around last week and now it appears that they're out in force, picking up the sunflower seeds that the deer have missed.
March 29th I don't know who this is fishing out in the middle of LBL next to his four wheeler, but he must be avid. Click HERE.
March 30th So long to the Fritsch family. Thanks for coming!
March 31st All the kids and grandkids are coming up for the weekend, and what do we get? Rain! Rain! Rain! We'll be sitting in the midst of mud and piles of slush all weekend. I better dig out all the board games I can find.

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