May 2006

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May Day It's here! That shocking time of year
When tons of wicked little thoughts merrily appear!
(I didn't make that up; it's from Camelot.)

Still rainy, cold, windy. The yard may never get raked. I thought May Day was supposed to be warm and sunny......a time for gleefully skipping through the fields and dancing 'round the maypole.
May_2nd All three docks are now in the water, although all three of them still need work. Randy and I took a nice two hour wine cruise on the pontoon this afternoon.......lovely weather for it.
May 3rd Snow and rain tonight; 30% chance of snow tomorrow.

As I go to bed tonight, my Detroit Tigers are in a tie for first place in the AL Central. With a favorable outcome in the Chicago White Sox game, which is in progress as I type, they could be in first place shortly. AMAZING!!!!
May 4th In the Spring, a young man's fancy
Lightly turns to thoughts of what
An older man, throughout the year,
Has never once forgot.

By Robert Browning (circa 1850)
And Isaac Asimov (circa 1970)
May 5th Feliz Cinco de Mayo(!) amid occasional snow flurries.
May 6th In the past I never kept track of when I saw the first Warbler passing through on his way up north. But I'm recording it this year.......and I saw one yesterday.

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you show him how to drink beer.
-- Garrison Keillor
May 7th Last fall a relatively new bait shop "The Fishing Hole" went out of business, and now a bait shop that has been around for a few years ("Lucky Bait") has closed it's doors. For old time sake, I'll leave the links to their web-sites on my "Local Bait Shops" page as long the sites are still available, but I marked them as "out of business". (The page is HERE incidentally.)
May 8th Thunder, hail, hard rain......a very enjoyable evening.
May 9th This entry got deleted accidentally, and I don't remember what it was.
May 10th Nuthun' but rain all day!
May 11th Roofing -- Day 1: It was cloudy, cold, and windy......but no rain. We made pretty good progress.
May 12th Roofing -- Day 2: ZERO! Rain all day.
Fishing Opener Wind....rain.....cold. How can the Fishing Opener ALWAYS be like this? What are the odds of that? It boggles the imagination. No fishing and no roofing.
Mother's Day Happy Day to all you Mothers!

By the way, Randy and I managed to do some fishing today. We only fished a short time and got a total of 3 bites, but Randy managed to land one northern. It wasn't very big, but it became an hors d'oeuvres almost immediately after our return to shore. Over the winter one can forget how good those are!
May 15th As with the May 9th entry, something was in here before. It's gone now and I can't remember what it was. As one of my old IBM managers once said in a fit of anger: "How does this stuff keep happening"?
May 16th This is from Rachel. It looks like she did it for school. It's a nice picture of the front porch and the swimming raft. GOOD JOB RACHEL!!!!! Click HERE.
May 17th Not counting "clean-up", this is the last roofing day. The picture is from yesterday. Click HERE.
May 18th's done!!!! That is, it's done except for the broom laying on the roof, equipment still scattered around the area, and roof debris surrounding the whole house. Click HERE.
May 19th Well we're in first place for about 2 days
Once every 3 or 4 years.
And then we go back with the rest of the pack
Where we really belong it appears.

While we're here in the number one spot,
We're looking good and sitting on top.
We gotta toot our horns while the iron is hot.

Hey! We're the Best.

That was written by Garrison Keiller about the Minnesota Twins, but right now it applies to my Detroit Tigers who, at the moment, are in first place in the AL Central division. Thanks for the suggestion Randy!
May 20th Here's a bad picture of this year's attendees of Cindy's "Girls' Weekend" at LBLR. Click HERE.
May 21st Between Bob F, Jeff K, and I, we got a nice mess of Crappies this afternoon.
May 22th It has long been the doctrine of the eminent Sparky Anderson (past Tiger manager) that a ball team must play 40 games before it can be truly judged. This past week, on the very day my Detroit Tigers moved into sole possession of first place in their division, they played their 40th game of this season. Does that mean that the 2006 Tigers are for real? I sure hope so; but I still think that remains to be seen.
May 23th Twenty-five years ago this very day, Father Halloran married Diane Sommer and Robert Carlson at St. Bernard's Parish. It was a cloudy day and it rained some off and on. Diane was very tired and Bob was very pale but now, 25 years later, they are still together and going strong. On his way to work this morning Bob was spontaneous and stopped and got Diane 25 roses of various colors for her to enjoy at work. This evening they will dine together somewhere in Rochester and then on Sunday they will have their wedding blessed by Father Havel.

Congratulations you guys!!!!!
May 24th We should not, in the conduct of our lives, be too exacting.
May 25th Tonight the Memorial Weekend began with the arrival of Brian, Ann, and Trooper. This will be the first time this year that the resort is full and hence, the real beginning of the summer resort season.
May 26th The Bass fishing opener is tomorrow so Denny T and his Bass fishing crew from Illinois arrived today. They'll be on the lake the first thing tomorrow morning.

PS: What a gorgeous day!!!!
May 27th Picnic tables don't last forever, as Brian is pointing out. Click HERE.
May 28th If (or when) this pontoon boat (on the west side of the lake) is ever "taken out of service", it will be a loss to Little Bass Lake. It's been a fixture since before I was here. It's steered with ropes and pulleys, and notice the anchor.......a brick tied to a rope. Click HERE.
Memorial Day
Nothing is ever free,
though to you it be.
Somewhere, somehow,
someone paid.

And click HERE.
May 30th You know how it was when you were young and stupid? It's a lot like being old and stupid, but when you're old and do something stupid, you realize it much more quickly.
May 31st In Grand Rapids:
A new Mexican restaurant will open soon on 169 south.
The Conoco station on West Highway 2 will open a liquor store shortly.
A new convenience store/gas station will open next to Jerry's Warehouse Liquor soon.

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