October 2006

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October 1st Come! Let us draw the curtains,
heap up the fire and sit
hunched by the flame together,
and make a friend of it.

Listen! The wind is rising,
and the air is wild with leaves,
we have had our summer evenings;
now for October eves!

Humbert Wolfe (c. 1920)
October_2nd Brian & Ann: Congrats on your "Piece of the Northland". It's about time(!) and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I know I'm already enjoying the fact that you own it. It's a "red letter" day!

Well, the Tigers didn't win the divison, but they got closer than I ever thought they would. It was a great season......the best one for us Tiger fans in many a year. And if I can speak for the majority of us: It was a good season and we enjoyed it. (Don't forget the 33-1 series against the Twins.) And remember this season, because it'll probably be a long time before we see another one as good as this. [Aside -- I know it's difficult Henk, but are you hanging in there? -- End of Aside]
October 3rd This place is just crawling with Asian Beetles (or Lady Bugs, as we call them). It started in earnest last night, and according to the Phenology Show on KAXE this morning, this is about a week earlier than normal.
October 4th Is this a beautiful Autumn morning, or what? Click HERE.

As per Joe K: the Peregrine Falcons living on one of the MSP smoke stacks in Cohasset appear to have headed for warmer climes. At least he hasn't seen them for the past two days.
October 5th Is this a beautiful Autumn morning, or what? Click HERE.

In Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Spain, this date in the year 1582 does not exist.
October 6th The Harvest Moon normally occurs in September. However, the definition of the Harvest Moon is "the full moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox", and this year (as happens once in every four years) it's in October rather than tonight is the Full Harvest Moon. This year's September full moon was the Corn Moon and last year's October full moon was the Hunter Moon.
October 7th
My Tigers took the Yankees out of the play-offs today, 3 games to 1. Now on to Oakland!
October 8th The pontoons, the raft, the paddle boats, the canoe, the kayaks, and the fishing boats (except for two of them) are sitting in their winter homes on the shore, thanks to Brian.
October 9th As usual, my grouse hunting experiences so far this year (along with Randy's) have turned out to be like those expressed in "Some Thoughts About Hunting". To see those thoughts, click HERE.
October 10th * Happy Birthday Miss Twacie!
* Cold, rain, wind, and a slow 10:30 PM boat trip from Randy's place. The weather sure turned suddenly!!!!
* Jim and his grouse hunting buddies arrived tonight.
October 11th It's early in the year (not yet mid-October) and this isn't much, but is it neat or what? Click HERE.
October 12th Randy went out skiing this morning. It was the first skiing of the year.......and it's not even mid-October yet.
October 13th Look at the bottom of my bird feeder. Two Pileated Woodpeckers (which, unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of) were on that post at the sime time a few days ago, and I'm pretty sure they're responsible for this. Click HERE.
October 14th
My Tigers won the American League Pennant today by beating Oakland 4 games to 0. Now on to the World Series! (By the way, the Tigers last won the World Series 22 years ago this very day. They seem to do it once in every generation.)
October 15th By using a little "old-style" technology (a come-along and a long chain) Randy and I got his boat lift onto the shore all by our "old-selves". We didn't even need any help (or listen to any complaining) from Jim (my young son-in-law) and his young hunting buddies, as we have in previous years. [Incidentally, Randy is one of "our old-selves" only in relation to Jim and his buddies. In relation to me, he's still a kid too!]

Speaking of Jim and his hunting buddies (Tim and Mike): they left this morning. They bagged a total of five grouse. That's one more than last year.....but last year they also got two Wood Ducks and a Mallard.
October 16th The lake level has held pretty steady in the first half of this month. The Secchi Disk reading (clarity) has dropped to 8 feet, the lowest level of the year (the highest was 14 feet in mid-July). That means the lake is turning over, right?
October 17th If you have never listened to KAXE, let me tell you something. If you have any fondness for the Northland, you'll love weekday mornings with Scott Hall (5:00 to 9:00), especially Tuesdays. To listen to it......go to 91.7 on your radio dial if you're in this area. If you're not in this HERE, then click on "KAXE LIVE" (leftmost icon on the top line of their web-site), and then click on the type of service you have. If you have trouble, send me an e-mail and I'll talk you through it.
October 18th Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and for thine other infirmities as well.
-- The First Book of Timothy (Chapter 5, Verse 23)
October 19th The lake went up .8 inches in the last few days. In fact, it has went up 2.5 inches in the last 6 weeks. It would be nice if this trend were to continue........but not till the leaves have been raked.
October 20th Instead of raking, I split wood yesterday to give the leaves another day to dry up, but I awoke this morning to find them under an inch of snow (again). Geez, did that plan ever backfire. Darn!
October 21st At 10 1/2 hours, we have less daylight today than south Florida will have on the shortest day of the year......still two months away. Incidentally, Barrow Alaska is already down to 7 hours and 50 minutes which is a lot less that we'll have on the shortest day of the year. And Barrow's day is shrinking by about 10 minutes per day while ours is shrinking by only about 3 minutes.
October_22nd To see a picture of Amy and Finnegan here at LBLR last August, click HERE. Amy wasn't here this weekend but Finnegan, his Mom, and a lot of his other family members were. Thanks again you guys, it was a fun weekend. Too bad for Amy.....she missed it!

The north cabins are shut down, most of the lawn furniture is stowed away, and some of the raking has been done. Thanks for the help Joe.
October 23rd Usually Juncos don't stay here for the winter, but they sure don't seem like they're ready to finish their southern trip yet. The Fox Sparrows don't seem to be heading further south yet either.
October 24th Tamarcks! They're on fire this time of the year. Click HERE
October 25th There is now a link directly to "KAXE Live" on the main page of the LBLR Web-site.
October 26th To be determined.....
October 27th In mid-summer of 2005 a Cardinal showed up at LBLR and he stayed here through the winter. Since he first showed up on July 7th last year and it's now late October, it was beginning to appear that LBLR would be without a Cardinal this year. But he showed up this morning and he's at the feeder even as I type. It would be nice if he stuck around for the whole winter again.
October 28th The 2006 Major League Baseball season is finally behind us. It was a great season for my Tigers........but an unpleasant World Series. Click HERE.
October 29th Black Tuesday occurred 77 years ago today (1929). That's the day when a stock market crash caused what is often thought of as the day that sent the U.S. into the Great Depression. But there are two other days referred to as "Black Tuesday" in this country. One occurred on 9/11/01 when terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, and the other is the 2nd Tuesday of every month when Microsoft releases the newest patches for its Windows operating system.
October 30th At 5:00 PM today the sun was still up.....tomorrow at 5:00 PM, it will not be. The next time the sun will be up at 5:00 PM will be January 21st. I'm speaking about Grand Rapids, of course.

The raking is done......finally.
All Hallows' Eve Oh Great Pumpkin, why hast thou cast me off?
How long, Oh Great Pumpkin, wilt thou hide thyself from me?
Mine enemies reproach me all the day.
Bring thou me out of my distress!

Linus Van Pelt
(Actually Charles Schulz)

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