2000 - 2001

     August 24th:  Gary R. and company arrived two days ago to do some bear

		   hunting and this evening they returned to LBLR with a

		   bear.  If they ever send me one of the several pictures

		   they took, I'll show it here.

       Labor Day:  As usual, Tracie, Jeff, and 22 members of Traverski Ski

		   club from Rochester filled the resort this weekend.

		   The weather was cold and rainy for most of the weekend

		   so they did less skiing than on previous trips.  However,

		   I've been told that in spite of the weather (or perhaps,

		   because of it) the social life was great......including

		   the Jackpine Blues Festival.  This time they PROMISED I'd

		   get a group picture and when it arrives, I'll show it


   September 21st: Ice was on the car windows this morning.....first time

		   this year.  Incidentally, it occurred on the exact

		   same day last year.

   September 22nd: The Autumnal Equinox has arrived.  Though I love the

		   Summertime, I think it's about time.

   September 29th: The Autumn colors are GREAT!  It's not the best year

		   we've had.......but it's VERY GOOD.  There still is

		   a lot of green and almost no brown yet.  The brown

		   will be showing up within the next day or two so in my

		   humble opinion, we're at the peak even as I type.

      October 1st: I hereby recind part of what I said on September 29th.

		   After taking a drive to Big Fork this afternoon, I think

		   this may be the finest "color" year since I've lived

		   in the Northland.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  Click

		   below to see a sample.

Fall Colors

October 6th: I was 10 miles north of Effie yesterday and the ground was covered with snow. This morning at 7:00 there were traces of snow on my car and a few flurries fell all day long. If you'll look at last year's LBLR Chronicles, you'll notice that there was no snow until least December 7th. It doesn't specifically say when the first snow was, but it was after December 6th. October 10th: Here's a much over due picture. (Click below to see it.) It's of a very neat family, the Andersons, who stayed here the last week of August. But I'm not taking all the blame for the lateness of the picture.......I had to wait a long time for them to send it to me. Will I see you guys next year? Let me know, if you don't mind.
The Andersons
October 31st: All Hallows' Eve.......and nothing but rain and warm temperatures. Could this be a repeat of last winter? November 2nd: This afternoon, as Lori and I watched, a deer went into the lake off the northeast shore and swam all the way across the lake and got out on the west shore. It was an interesting sight! November 3rd: It's difficult to tell when the loons have left for warmer climates. But they're not all gone yet; there was one on the lake this morning.......not in his high contrast black and white as in the summer months, but wearing his dull gray winter feathers. November 4th: It's the first day of Deer Hunting Season and Ron Erlandsen got a nice buck this morning. As I said last year when he got one on opening morning, he's only been skunked once since 1992 when he began using LBLR as a hunting camp. November 5th: It's the second day of Deer Hunting Season and Mike Erlandsen (Ron's son) got a nice buck this morning. It was a short hunting season for those two guys! Click below to see the pictures.
Two bucks!
Thanksgiving: We have ice......I think. There are some wet spots in the snow but I think that's just water on the ice. So, the lake is frozen as of today (that's two weeks earlier than last year). Also, I'd guess that we have about six inches of snow. December 2th: Nine degrees below zero this morning; winter will soon be here. December 6th: It was supposed to be 20 degrees below zero this morning. It was 14 below when I went to bed, but when I woke up this morning it was 4 degrees ABOVE zero and we had gotten a few inches of snow. I guess the weather predictions are the same as usual. December 8th: Randy and I went skiing at the Joyce Estates this morning and for this early, the conditions were great! I think we're going to have a normal winter for a change. December 10th: 24 below zero this morning. I don't think it got this cold all of last winter. December 12th: 30 below zero this morning. December 28th: Here is another picture that is long overdue. It's a picture of my friend Chris Hitzeman and several of his friends who spent Memorial weekend at LBLR last year. Notice the beautiful Crappies (not to mention the beautiful people). Thanks for the pictures, Chris. Click below to see them.
February 13th: Last August 12th the Shimeks (Gerry, Laura, and Daniel) breezed into LBLR and spent a week. In December they sent me some pictures and it took until now for me to get them posted on the web. But, better late than never. Click below to see them.
The Shimeks
February 14th: I have been requested to show a picture of Little Bass Lake as it looks today. Here it is:
Little Bass Lake in the Winter
February 21st: 32 below zero when I left for work this morning. I hope we've bottomed out for the winter. February 25th: I don't know how much snow we officially got, but it took over 4.5 hours to blow had to be at least a foot. March 20th: The first day of Spring!!! AND, it's only 53 days until the fishing opener, AND I predict that the ice on Little Bass Lake will be gone exactly one month from today. April 1st: On this date last year, the ice was GONE on Little Bass Lake. But I'm still staying with my prediction that it'll be April 20th this year. Hence, it's 19 days until "ice out" and 41 days until the fishing opener. April 14th: The cabin in Peterson Bay is now up, running, and occupied for the weekend. The effort to get it back into operating condition for the summer was a tad greater than anticipated, but all is now well. April 20th: The Swallows may have returned to Capistrano, but the ice is still on Little Bass Lake. I think it'll be gone before this time next week......I hope so anyway. I saw a Golden Eye flying over the lake this morning, apparently look for a landing site, so REAL SPRING has to be near. April 22nd: Sunday Noon! Even as I type I can hear loons calling in the distance. And in the very small opening in the ice near the duplex, a pair of Common Merganzers are quitely swimming and fishing near each other. April 27th: THE ICE IS GONE(!!!!), 27 days later than last year and 7 days later than I predicted. The Loons are back and it's only 16 days to the fishing opener. April 28th: WELCOME(!) to my newest Granddaughter Kaylee Nicole, who was born today. Mother and Daughter are doing fine. Click on her name (below) to see her and her Dear Mom. Kaylee, are you and your Dear Mom still planning to spend a few weeks at LBLR to recuperate?
May 5th: Click below to see the nice pile of stacked wood and the huge piles of branches that my Dear Grandson, Josh, did for me today. For an 8-year old, he sure is a hard worker. Thanks for the help, Joshie!
June 5th: WELCOME(!) to yet another (and my now newest) Grand- daughter, Molly, who was born today. Click on the her name (below) to see her and her big sister, Em.
July 12th: Congratulations to my friend, Joe Kardock, for his successful acting debut in the Grand Rapids Showboat. You did an excellent job, Joe........I was impressed! If you'd like something mentioned in here, send me an e-mail and let me know.

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