2001 - 2002
       Labor Day:  Guess what???  Tracie, Jeff, and 24 members of Traverski
		   Ski Club from Rochester filled the resort this weekend
		   (as usual) but something was different this year.  They
		   actually sent me a picture of their group.  It's a little
		   fuzzy but it's a nice picture.  Click below to see it:


September 20th: The fall colors were good (as always) this year, but not nearly as good as they have been on some past years. Click below to see two pictures (complements of Cindy Howard) of the East side of the lake during the fall color time.

Fall Colors

Thanksgiving: It's November 22nd and we're still not even close to having ice on the lake. Thanksgiving Day was the day that we first had ice on the entire lake last year. We also had six inches of snow on the ground on Thanksgiving Day last year......compared to zero inches this year. November 25th: Finally we have a snow cover. It's not inch or less, but the ground is covered and it has been that way all day. It's about time. August 9th: Ted, does this count as an update? If you'd like something mentioned in here, send me an e-mail and let me know.