(1997 - 1998)

   November 8th:  Mike E. (son of Ron E., regular inhabitant of cabin # 2

		  during deer hunting season) got himself a gorgeous buck

		  early this morning.  Even as I type it's hanging on a

		  rack near the beach.

   November 9th:  Finally a little ice is on the edge of the lake.  It's

		  not much, but it's there.  Ya know, last year the first

		  ice spread clear across the lake on the morning of 11/6.

  November 12th:  Laurie is gone!  She went back to Colorado.

  November 13th:  What little ice there was, is GONE again!  A strong

		  wind came up from the East last night, broke up it up,

		  and melted it.

  November 16th:  It's here!  The lake is covered with ice, which, barring

		  a sudden onslaught of warm weather, will be with us

		  until late April.

  November 22nd:  My friend Randy and I went cross-country skiing at the

		  Joyce Estates this afternoon.  What a beautiful day!

		  The 5 or 6 inches of snow we got last night was just

		  enough, and although the trail wasn't groomed yet,

		  the skiing was excellent.

  November 24th:  12 degrees below zero this morning.  Sheesh!	It's

		  way too early for that.

  December 21st:  The Winter Solstice has arrived, and still not much

		  snow.  What an odd winter!

  December 21st:  Hello to Ron and Bonnie in Chesaning!  Are you still

		  shopping for a computer?

  December 29th:  In spite of the warm winter so far, there's plently

		  ice on the lake.  I put in a couple holes and watched

		  a couple tip-ups this afternoon (to no avail however)

		  and we've got 12 to 14 inches of ice.  Not a lot....

		  but sufficient!

   January 11th:  2:00 PM.....1 degree above zero; the warmest it's been

		  in three days.  But with a low of only 18 below, it's

		  still wonderfully warm for this time of the year.

   January 13th:  Nearly 30 below zero last night.  Brrrrr.......

  February 16th:  Geez, what a heat wave!  Two consecutive days of

		  Temperatures over 40 and it seems likes it's been a

		  couple of days since it's been below freezing.  And

		  there's been rain off and all day can

		  imagine what that's done to the snow.

  February 19th:  THE HEAT WAVE CONTINUES!!!!  If it gets below freezing

		  tonight (and I think it's going to), it'll be the first

		  time in several days.

  February 22nd:  My Dear Daughter in college called me this evening.  Her

		  hair is now red.........Fire Engine Red!!!!  Sheesh!!!!

  February 22nd:  Hello Dave and Lisa in Red Wing!

  February 23rd:  STILL THE HEAT WAVE CONTINUES!!!!  We had very warm

		  weather this weekend and a bit of rain this morning.

		  There's virtually no snow left.

     March 10th:  15 degrees below zero this morning!

      April 8th:  LBLR was graced with its first loon call of the year

		  this afternoon.......what a lovely sound!!!!!!

		  It came from either Peterson Bay or Beaver Bay.

		  Also, the ice is "loose" enough now so that it's a

		  big sheet being moved around by the wind.....and

		  Spring raking has begun!

     April 10th:  I put a boat in the water this afternoon (the first

		  one), put a little 9 horse motor on it, and visited

		  friend at the south end of the lake.	I had to break

		  though a little ice to get to his dock, but I got

		  there, nonetheless.

     April 12th:  The ice is gone!!!!!

       May 12th:  Welcome to my new Granddaughter Emelia (Em) who was

		  born today.  You can see her by clicking on her name:

Emelia Rae
July 8th: Welcome to my new Grandson Jacob (Jake) who was born today. You can see him by clicking on his name:
Jacob Steven
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