(1999 - 2000)

   September 1st:  We usher in the first of September (and begin a new

		   set of LBLR CHRONICLES) with cold and rain!	Yucko!

       Labor Day:  Thanks to Tracie, Jeff, and all the members of

		   Traverski (from Rochester) for filling the resort

		   this weekend.  A great time was had by all!!!!!!

		   Note to Traverski members:  If someone would send

		   me the group picture you took, I'd show it here.

  September 21st:  The first gentle frost of the year was on the car

		   windows this morning.....nothing serious though.

		   We're now a week overdue for our first "killing"


  September 23st:  Hurray, hurray, for the Autumnal Equinox.

		   I love it.......Happy Autumn to everyone!!!!!!

     October 3rd:  We woke up this morning to the first HARD frost.

		   It's about time!  We were about 3 weeks overdue.

    October 15th:  Thanks to Jim, Tim, and Mike, for gracing LBLR

		   with their presence this past week.	They were

		   here for their annual grouse hunting expedition,

		   which was successful as always.......Well, maybe

		   one should say "sort of successful".

    October 16th:  My Dear Granddaughter, Nattie, lost her first tooth

		   today.  Click on her name below if you'd like to see

		   where her tooth used to be.

November 6th: Openning day of Deer Hunting! Ron Erlandsen got a deer this morning. He's only been skunked once since he began using LBLR as a deer camp, which was in 1992. December 1st: The Calends of December.........still no snow and no ice. What a weird year!!!!! December 6th: Guess what??? We have ICE!!! No telling how long it will last.......but it's here now. Click below (on the word ICE) if you want to see it.
December 21st: 17 degrees below zero last night. Hmmmm.....we might have a winter yet. January 19th: Ann, Erin, and I skied out on the lake this morning (fun stuff!) while Brian played with Sasha. I'll bet there's enough snow on the trails for skiing too. January 26th: It's been raining since yesterday and ALL the snow is gone. So much for winter time!!!! March 20th: Although we had two nights last week with a low of almost 10 degrees below zero, at 2:35 this morning Spring began. AWRIGHT!!!!!!! March 30th: There's a big open spot in the ice as wide as the resort and clear across the lake. AND the call of a loon woke me up this morning. Neato!!!!!!! April 2nd: THE ICE IS GONE!!!!! Since I was out of town for the last 3 days, I don't know what day it actually went out, so let's call it April 1st to make it neat. That's by far the earliest since I've been here. The latest was in 1996 when it went out on May 7th. May 8th: Today we planted 115 trees and large shrubs on the shore- line. It may be quite some time before the "lay of the land" is drastically different, but it'll get there. And hopefully this is another step toward stopping the shore line from eroding as it has been. May 13th: The fishing opener!!! It was cold, it rained, it sleeted, it was windy.........but three of us stuck it our for 3 hours, and all we got were 2 Northerns. Oh well, there's lots of fishing ahead of us yet. June 1st: Here's a beautiful sunrise as seen from from Cabin # 1, compliments of Bob & Jolene Frey. Click below to see it.
June 20th: At toast to the Summer Solstice. Me and the Ericksons are celebrating with a lovely fire.......but it's not getting dark!!!! July 5th: To Cindy, Bill, Sandra, and Vince: Thanks for the FUN WEEK.........I enjoyed it! I hope you had a good trip home and I hope to see you again. That's the plan. Right? July 21st: Shelley and David Chambers just left after a lovely visit. Their Dear Son, Gregory, after falling down and hurting his tooth, caught a nice Northern. Click on Gregory's name (below) to see it.
August 6th: Click below to see a short memorial.
August 18th: Krista, here's the picture of your fish:
Krista's Fish
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