August 2005

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The Calends of August It is now August, and the sun is somewhat towards his declination, yet such is his heat as hardeneth the soft clay, drieth up the standing ponds, withereth the sappy leaves, and scorcheth the skin of the naked.
August 2nd Since some LBLR customers like fish other than Northerns, and since Northerns are my personal favorite, I have been known to mention on occasion, that I'd be grateful if someone were to bring me a small Northern or two that they would normally have released. This week I've had to eat fish twice already just to keep only one limit in my refrigerator. That's a nice problem to have.
August 3rd Hi Terry! Yes, you are quite correct.......only 10 more days. You have Cabin # 5, the same as last year.
August 4th Heaven: A dry day with a cool breeze after several consecutive hot, humid, days. Geez, does it feel good!
August 5th A Public TV Station was here this morning filming my shore line restoration and doing interviews with the "experts" who made it happen. It will air sometime after the first of the year. Click HERE to see a couple pictures of the camera crew doing their thing.
August 6th 60 years ago today an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.
August 7th

(Halfway through the summer)
Consulting Summer's clock,
But half the hours remain.
I ascertain it with a shock --
I shall not look again.

That was Emily Dickinson (unknown date but probably in the 1870s). Emily is one of my favorites, but Emily is weird! However, on occasion she has said something that (1) is easily understood, and (2) seems appropriate, as is the case with the lines above. (At times she can also make one cry......but for that to occur both her and the contents of a wine bottle must be taken in fairly large doses at the same time.)
August 8th LBLR's second emergency room visit of the year occurred today (another fish hook problem). Again the patient will remain anonymous.......but he's not staying at LBLR, and although he doesn't live here, he's a regular up in this neck of the woods.
August 9th After working at it for three days now, the Carlsons have enough fish for their annual fish fry......and they still have another day to fish before they bring out the deep-fryer. That shows you that even when the fishing is bad, if you keep at it you can get enough to eat.
August 10th Today I have nothing to say.
August 11th How many s'mores have you eaten in a single night? How many s'mores have you eaten this summer? How many s'mores have you eaten in the whole of your life? Because of having to eat more s'mores than I've ever wanted, my stomach has been upset since June 21st, 1992, and I see no relief in sight. Sigh!
August 12th As the month of August matures, the weather is cooling off a bit......a welcome change from only a few short days ago. It's 6:00 PM and a sweatshirt feels darned good. What bliss!!!!!
August 13th Hey Jim and Alice (and the whole Carlson group), thanks for the T-shirt. I love it! Click HERE. I'll see you in October.
August 14th If anyone asks what I do for a living and I reply "I own a resort on a lake in Northern Minnesota", the inquirer seems to understand what I do. During my entire career at IBM, as hard as I tried, I could never answer that question to the satisfaction of a single one of my relatives.
August 15th It used to be that after a day of work, one needed rest. In modern times, after a day of work, it's more common to need exercise.
August 16th Supposedly Amanda fished for five and a half hours today and never got a single bite. Does that say something about Little Bass Lake or Amanda's fishing ability? This information, incidentally, was provided by her mother Terry.
August 17th Davy Crockett was born on this day in 1786. Click HERE.
August 18th Amanda and Terry('s hand holding the filet) in a late night fish cleaning session. Click HERE.
August 19th On a terribly HOT August afternoon, there's nothing better than sitting in the breeze under the pines at the edge of the lake. Thank goodness for wireless internet. Click HERE.
August 20th It's an emotional day! Ron and Shirley Mickelson (very close friends, former owners of Back O' the Moon Resort, mentors, and the people most responsible for getting me to LBLR) have, after 15 years, left the Northland and moved to Arizona. So long Ron and will be sorely missed. Life will never be the same around here. Sigh!
August 21st A bit of wishful thinking:

January days are white with snow,
Winds are laughing as they blow.
Across the ponds and lakes we glide,
O'er the drifting snow we ride,
And down the hills we gayly slide.
August 22nd One of my heros, Dorothy Parker, was born on this day in 1893. She was a great curmudgeon,.....a woman after my heart!
August 23rd It is an honor to have as guests in cabin # 3, two grandsons and three great-grandchildren of Clyde Jellison, the man who established LBLR "to give his wife something to do". That cabin is the first one he built (1932), and the only one he would recognize if he were alive today. Click HERE to see some LBLR history.
August 24th There will be 13 hours and 46 minutes of daylight today. That's down over 2 hours from it's peak a mere two months ago.
August 25th The Vikings will play their 3rd preseason game on Friday. Incredible as it may seem, it's not yet September and NFL Football is already into its 3rd week......and it will go on and on and on. And believe it or not, the World Series Champion wont be determined for over 2 months yet. AMAZING!
August 26th Look what Jeff Keeler caught last year at about his time. He also caught one just like it this past Spring. Click HERE.
August 27th The resorting season, which began in earnest on May 27th, is over! Four cabins left today, and only one came in. There will be a fair number of guests in September and October yet, but the busy Saturdays with several groups leaving and several groups arriving, are over. It's sort of an empty feeling (no pun intended).
August 28th Geez(!), is it ever quiet around here.
August 29th This morning a new bird (a Savanah Sparrow) was added to my LBLR list (number 69) and to my lifer list as well.
August 30th It's starting already! Click HERE.
August 31st Between LBLR and Peterson Bay (by road) there are two Osprey nests. This year both were occupied by young ospreys who, for the last several weeks, were usually perched on the edge of their nests. A few days ago one of the nests appeared to be empty, and yesterday the second one was deserted. The youngsters have grown up and are on their own! Good luck to 'em!

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