February 2005

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February 1st The name February was derived from the Latin word februa, signifying the festivals of purification celebrated in ancient Rome during this month.

The Old Farmers' Almanac predicts little snow and very cold this month. Can they do better than they did in January? I doubt it, but we'll see!
February 2nd Today is memorable for two very important reasons. First, it's my Dear Grandma's birthday........if she were alive today she would be celebrating the beginning of her 100th year. And secondly, it's Groundhog's day. On this day even us grandkids would dare to ask my Dear Grandma if she saw her shadow. She always took it very pleasantly. Click: HERE.
February 3rd Show me a man who fishes up here in the wintertime, and I'll show you a fanatic.
February 4th The International Wolf Center in Ely has 3 cameras which take live pictures of a "wolf area". Obviously you can't see anything at night, but if it's during the day, click HERE to see them. Each picture is updated every 60 seconds; you can use your "refresh" button to update them.
February 5th Is it possible for two people who don't know what they're talking about, to know even less than one person who doesn't know what he's talking about?
February 6th The Super Bowl is over, but the football season continues; it's not over until the Pro-bowl has been played....which is next Sunday. That will be February 13th. Sheesh! In the earlier lives of many of us, the football season ended in December.
February 7th Ogden Nash said he believes that people believe what they believe they believe.
I believe it!
February 8th I was going to say "Happy Chinese New Year", but I just found out that would be wrong, and here's why (maybe): The Chinese New Year begins on the day of the second new moon after the Winter Solstice.....and that's today! But the almanac says the Chinese New Year starts where's the discrepency? Well, here's where it might be. The new moon is today (February 8th) but it's not officially "new" until about 4:30 this afternoon (Central Time), and at 4:30 this afternoon it's already February 9th in China (or at least in most of China). That may have nothing to do with it, but it seems to fit. One thing is sure is Shrove Tuesday and Mardi Gras.
February 9th Happy Chinese New Year! We just started the year 4703 which happens to be the year of the Rooster.
Happy Ash Wednesday as well!
February 10th For people who dislike winter, February is a tough month.
At the moment the ice is 21 inches thick on Little Bass Lake.
February 11th Today (the Friday after the Super Bowl) was traditionally the start of what was fondly called "The Annual Industrial Engineering Direct Workload Planning Seminar and Ice Fishing Contest". The first outing was in 1975 and the last was in 1993 (with no missed years in between). The group consisted of anywhere between 5 and 8 of us Industrial Engineers who worked for IBM in Rochester, and contrary to what the name of the event implied, we never did any Direct Workload Planning nor did we put a line in the water after 1983. We ate, drank, played cards, and talked smart, enough to get it out of our systems until February of the following year. We were all fairly young when the tradition started and we were all fairly old when it ended. In the later years we ate more, drank less, and went to bed much earlier than we did in the earlier years, but it also seemed like we had at least as much fun. It was a shame to see an 18 year tradition die, but all good things must come to an end. Hmmmm......maybe we should consider a reunion. After all, it has been a dozen years since we last got together and we're all still alive.
February 12th This is the 12th day of February, a month predicted by the Old Farmers' Almanac to be very cold. The temperatures the first week were way above average; even above the freezing point for two consecutive days and nights. This was followed by a few days of somewhat colder weather (down to about zero for one night even) which is little, if any, below average. Now we're in the midst of more unseasonably warm weather (highs in the 40's). It's only the 12th, but does this look like the much below average temperatures that are predicted for the month?

Laurie S. arrived yesterday for a two week visit.
February 13th If you can't solve it, run away from it!
Valentine's Day In honor of the day:

Love, what follies are commited in thy name. -- Francis Bacon
A man in love once, is never out of love again -- Euripides
The goddess, Aphrodite, in her anger has smitten you, and you are in love . What wonder is that? -- Euripides
The tide of love at it's full surge, is not withstandable. -- Euripides
Love is like high blood pressure. The higher it goes, the quicker you'll die from it. -- Unknown
Honey, you can flatter me all you like, but it aint love till the check clears. -- Mae West
February 15th It's not too cold today, but at least it's not going to get above freezing. I walked across the lake and back this morning, and it almost felt like winter again......that's a big improvement over most of this month.
February 16th More later........
February_17th The Old Farmers' Almanac predicted the temperature for February to be 7 degrees below normal. Here's what really happened for the first 15 days of the month based on the weather bureau's numbers. The average low temperature so far this month was +17 (19 degrees above the normal -2). The average high temp so far this month was +34 (17 degrees above the normal +17). Not a very good prediction so far, eh?

In spite of the warmer than normal weather it was still below freezing more than it was above freezing over the last week, so an inch of ice was added to's now at 22 inches.
February 18th 19 below this morning.
February 19th Old age aint for sissies. -- Ron Persik
February 20th Married men are healthier and live longer than single men. -- Lori
February 21st Click: HERE
February 22nd Here's to Mary Bahr, who passed away a few months ago. She had style and dignity that was all her own. She was unique......and I'm glad that I knew her!
February 23rd Angle Township, Minnesota occupies all 121 square miles of U.S. land at the north end of Lake of the Woods. The only way to get there without first going into Canada, is by travelling across the lake. It's the northern most town in the contiguous 48 states and has a total of 152 year-around residents (just a little more than one person per square mile). Click HERE.
February 24th Hey Lori.....welcome to the world of the Internet! It's about time, ya know. Send me an e-mail and let me now how things are in east St. Paul these days.
February 25th Do some of you remember Laurie's Parakeet named Bird? He died a few weeks ago and this past week he was brought to LBLR to be interred. Click HERE. ---- REQUIESCAT IN PACE!
February 26th Is it best to leave sleeping wolves lie? It apparently makes no difference if you happen to be a crow. Click HERE to see the proof, then look at the February 4th entry if you haven't already.
February 27th Countdown to:
Spring -- 21 Days
Ice out -- 1 Month and 21 Days (my prediction)
Fishing opener -- 2 Months and 17 Days
Bob and Jo's arrival -- 2 Months and 22 Days
February 28th Today is the last chance to fish for Northerns through the ice. Click HERE

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