June 2005

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The Calends of June We now have over 15 hours of daylight......6 hours more than in December, but in recent days those hours of daylight have been viewed through the haze of a perpetual rain.
June 2nd On this date in 1953 Elizabeth, the oldest child of King George VI, was crowned Queen Elizabeth II of England. The coronation took place in West Minster Abbey. She is officially the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and other realms and territories, as well the Head of the Commonwealth and the Head of State for 16 of its members. God Save the Queen!

PS: The British Union Jack flew over Little Bass Lake today (probably for the first time in history) to commemorate the event.
June 3rd It looked extremely rocky for the the Mudville nine that day;
The score stood two to four, with but an inning left to play.
So, when Cooney died at second, and Burrows did the same,
A pallor wreathed the features of the patrons of the game.

A straggling few got up to go, leaving there the rest,
With the hope that springs eternal within the human breast.
For they thought: "If only Casey could get a whack at that,"
They'd put out even money now, with Casey at the bat.

Written by: Earnest Lawrence Thayer
Published on this day in 1888
by the San Francisco Examiner
June 4th Randy at the Lake -- Click HERE.
June 5th This day in 1944 was originally selected to be D-Day, but the weather forced General Eisenhower to postpone the landings till the next day.

Happy birthday to my Dear Youngest Granddaughter Molly (The Dolly). She just turned 4 and she's very big now and still very Sweet! Click HERE.
D-Day 61 years ago this morning, our armed forces began swarming onto the beaches of Normandy. If you have Windows Media Player click HERE to hear Nat "King" Cole sing an old song about that day.
June 7th Just because a person is old, doesn't mean that he can't still be "upwardly mobile".....does it?????
June 8th The Northern fishing has been terrible since right after the opener and now the May Flies are out, which makes it even worse (although I don't think it could get any worse). And besides, a good part of the time it has been too windy and rainy to fish with any comfort anyway. Sigh!
June 9th This morning there were 20 or 30 Cliff Swallows flying to a mud puddle in the center of Cohasset over and over again, where they picked up mud, presumably for their nests, which had to be very nearby.
June 10th If you want the last word with a woman......apologize!
June 11th On this day in 1961, first baseman Norm Cash became the first Tiger to hit a fair ball out of Tiger Stadium. It hugged the right field foul line all the way, and my Dad and I were sitting in the upper deck behind home plate looking down the first base line watching it go over the roof.
June 12th Since I'm behind in prep work this year, before today the swimming raft was still sitting on the beach where the ice had left it. I received four requests in the last 24 hours from little kids saying "please will you put the raft in the water". How could anyone turn that down? So I spent a few hours today repairing the damage the ice did to it, and it's now floating in its normal position just out from the front porch. At the moment it has four freezing little kids sitting on it. Summer is apparently here. Thanks David (a guest from North Carolina) for your assistance.
June 13th The Ides of June!
June 14th Escape into the city of the trees,
Where they've traded in the buildings for the breeze,
Where the parking lots are fields of green with gravel roads running in between.
It's an afternoon's drive, but once you arrive, you'll never want to leave.

Written by Jake Donze
(Compliments of Randy Peterson)
June 15th The lowest water level in Little Bass Lake for at least the last 15 years occurred when the ice went out last year (April 20, 2004). Today it's 16 inches higher than that.
June 16th First Law of Resorting:
You can have some of your stuff working all of the time,
and you can have all of your stuff working some of the time,
but you can't have all of your stuff working all of the time.
June 17th If you're lucky enough to live on a're lucky enough!
June 18th Because of a campfire which occurred last night, Lori sang a little song a few times and, unfortunately, the tune stuck with me all night long. I kept waking up with it in my head. It's turning into "A Literary Nightmare" in the Mark Twain sense. Click HERE to hear the song. Click HERE to see Mark Twain's 3 page story.
June 19th Happy Fathers' Day.......and a beautiful day it is!!!! And remember, a parent's job is to become obsolete.
June 20th Yogi Berra once said: "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future". He was right, ya know. But I still think the fishing is going to get better........very soon.
June 21st 'Tis now summer!
June 22nd No matter how mad you get at him, never chase a teenager.
June.23rd We have real summertime weather......finally!
June 24th "Mid-summer" is celebrated today in most of Europe. The reason it wasn't celebrated on the solstice is quite complicated.
June 25th Today is the furthest one can get from Christmas......Christmas 2004 is six months past and the 2005 version is six months hence. Let us celebrate!

David and Diane W. left this morning after a two week visit......their first time at LBLR. I hope to see you guys again. I enjoyed it! Thanks. Click HERE.
June 26th Frosty and his group of Hoosier Fishermen arrived yesterday. Getting all those boats hooked up to their vehicles in the morning and leaving together is quite a logistical problem, but getting them parked and unhooked when they all return at the same time is even tougher. Click HERE.
June 27th I'm not so fond of squirrels. I know, I know......squirrels are nice and little and cute and furry and sweet, but that's only when you see them by the side walk.......or when they scamper up a tree. They're neat when they scamper up a tree. A squirrel sitting on top of a bird feeder, on the other hand, looks huge and ugly and mean. And you know that the poor little Chickadees and Nuthatches are hungry and sad and scared. I'm not so fond of squirrels.
June 28th Bob's first bass of 2005 (from earlier this spring). Click HERE.
June 29th David and Diane: Ya know, there's a restaurant at Arcadia Resort on Turtle Lake, which is about 35 miles north of here, that you would have loved. Oh well, maybe next time. And next time, if you let me come's on me!
June 30th The first half of 2005 is history.

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