May 2005

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May_Day Hurray, hurray, for the first of May,

Last year on this day we put the pontoons and the front porch in the water. Today they're still setting on the shore, because Brian is on vaction back East. Of course visiting his lovely daughter is well worth getting the pontoons in the water a little later. Cabin # 3 was spring cleaned today......that's four down and two to go.
May 2nd Ah yes, it's "the lusty month of May, when every lass wishes her lad would be a cad"........that's from Camelot, by the way.

But it has been snowing off and on for the past three days!!!!!
May 3rd Late this afternoon the weather was warm enough for Randy and I to take our annual "first wine cruise of the year". It was enjoyable......but without significant incident.
May 4th I'd rather have a glass of bad Claret than a glass of good iced tea.
May 5th 05/05/05 -- Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!!

On this day in 1961 Alan Shepard became the 1st American in space with his 15 minute sub-orbital flight.
May 6th Feliz Seis de Mayo tambien!!!!
May 7th Exactly 60 years ago today, in the words of William L. Shirer from "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich":

"In a little red school house at Reims, where Eisenhower made his headquarters, Germany surrendered unconditionally at 2:41 in the morning. The capitulation was signed for the allies by General Walter Bedell Smith, with General Ivan Susloparov afixing his signature as witness for Russia, and General Francios Sevez for France. Admiral Friedeburg and General Jodl signed for Germany. Jodl asked permission to say a word and it was granted.

'With this signature the German people and the German armed forces are, for better or worse, delivered into the hands of the victors. In this hour I can only express the hope that the victor will treat them with generosity.'

There was no response from the Allied side. But perhaps Jodl recalled another occasion when the roles were reversed just five years ago. Then, a French general, in signing France's unconditional surrender at Compiegne, had made a similar plea -- in vain, as it turned out.

The guns in Europe ceased firing and the bombs ceased dropping at midnight on May 8-9, 1945, and a strange but welcome silence settled over the Continent for the first time since September 1, 1939."
May 8th "Spring is bursting out all over!" Thanks to Brian and Ann, the pontoons (including the front porch) went in the water yesterday morning, and Bob brought the "Grandma B" over here and put her in the water later that day as well. Click HERE.
May 9th Here are more inspiring words for the fishing opener......they're from the musings of Rancid Crabtree as told by Pat McManus:

1) The two best times to fish is when it's rainin', and when it aint.
2) Ya caint make fish bite just by wantin' 'em too.
3) Anytime a man aint fishin', he's fritterin' away his life.
4) Smoked carp tastes jist as good as smoked salmon, when ya aint got no smoked salmon.
May 10th Only four days to the fishing opener, and am I ready or what???? Click HERE.
May 11th It's not an addiction! I can quit fishing anytime I want to. -- Anonymous
May 12th Fishing is much more than is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers. -- Herbert Hoover
May 13th According to Pat McManus: "A lot of fishermen think there are only three kinds of worms.....small, medium, and large. Actually the size of the worm makes little difference. In worms, temperament and character are everything!"
Fishing Opener The weather was cold, rainy, summary: it was miserable! But five of us sat on the pontoon watching our bobbers for a few hours anyway. We caught several Bass (which, of course, went back into the water) and three Northerns. We kept two of the Northerns and had them as hors d'ouevres before our fine Pork Curry dinner (compliments of Joe Kardock) in front of the fireplace in a warm living room. That was, by far, the best part of the Opener.
The Ides of May More fishing! The weather was still bad, but not as bad as yesterday, and the results of the fishing were about the same. Again, we kept two Northerns for hors d'ouevres before our meal, which was a delicious Pork and Chicken Francaise this time (compliments of Mike Johnston). Geez, it's nice to have two personal chefs for the fishing opener.
May 16th LBLR's first customers of the year, Jeff K and Jordan are here!!! The 2005 season is offically underway.
May 17th Too windy to fish!
May 18th Happy Birthday to my Dear Daughter Tammy. This is how she looked many many years ago. Click HERE.
May 19th Bob and Jo arrived yesterday! Bob went fishing today for a couple hours and caught one Northern. Jeff went fishing today and caught a 1 lb 9 oz Crappie. Nice fish......but not many of them.
May 20th Cindy and her group arrived for their annual "Girls' Weekend", which means that husbands, boy-friends, and kids are NOT allowed. Randy's sister (Laurie) and a friend of hers arrived here too (the same rule applies). I hope the weather stays nice for them.
May 21st Here's the group from Cindy's annual "Girls Weekend". Click HERE.
May 22nd Lori and I spent the day in St. Cloud watching some of my Grandchildren perform. Click HERE.
May 23nd There are two nice holidays today. In Germany (the land of my ancestors) it's "Federal Republic Day", and in Canada (our friendly neighbor to the North) it's "Victoria Day". I have both flags but, inspite my good intentions, I never got around to flying either of them; hence Old Glory was flying all day as she normally is.
May 24th I saw an Eastern Blue Bird on LBLR property this afternoon. That's the 67th bird species that I've seen either on the resort or in the lake.
May 25th The last 36 hours put 2.6 inches of rain in my rain guage.
May 26th Geez, did we ever have a delicious lunch this afternoon.....compliments of Jo Frey. It consisted of Little Bass Lake morels and Little Bass Lake crappies.....and it was very good.
May 27th 64 years ago today, the British "sank the Bismarck".
May 28th 50 years ago today, President Eisenhower signed the bill that added the words "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance.
May 29th Here is the family of my Dear Daughter Tammy (although Tammy isn't in any of the pictures). They spent a lot of time fishing over the holiday weekend. Click HERE.
Memorial Day Click HERE.
May 31st As the merry month of May draws to a close, we look forward to the coming of summer!!!

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