October 2005

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October 1st The dead leaves fall like noiseless rain,
The air is calm and warm and sweet.
Upon the woodland and the plain
The ghost of summer rests its feet.

Clinton Scollard (early 20th century)
October 2nd A temperature of 75 degrees; a warm south wind; October 2nd.......a most singular experience, indeed! It's lovely, but it isn't Autumn! But this is.......and I think it's peak for the year. Click HERE.
October 3rd Tag der Deutsche Einheit! Fifteen years ago today, East and West Germany reunited. Click HERE.
October 4th Cold! Wind! Rain! And the weather report says a chance of snow today and tomorrow with highs in the low 40s. Wow(!)......Summer ended rather suddenly.
October 5th It must really be Autumn now......the first hunters have arrived. They're my son-in-law Jim, and his two friends Tim and Mike (and their hunting dogs, of course). They're here for their annual grouse hunt.
October 6th The pontoon boats are now sitting on the shore for the winter. Thanks Brian!
October 7th The temperature was down to nearly 20 degrees this morning. Neato! And my friend Gordie said they have snow on the ground in Ely this morning.....some people have all the luck!
October 8th Fall is in the air! The autumn colors are here, the frost is on the pumpkin, and I've gotten heavily into "resort shut down mode". Not that I'm working at it too diligently, you understand, but at least I'm in that mode. Actually, I spent more time fishing today than I did working, but such is life! I'll get it done before the snow falls and the lake freezes.
October 9th 1) The hunters have left......they got 4 Grouse, 2 Wood Ducks, and a Mallard.
2) Cabins 1, 2, and 3 have been drained and shut down for the winter (the earliest ever).
3) The loons are still here.
October_10th I am the only one here.....and it will be this way for over a week.

Happy Birthday to my dear first born daughter Twacie.
Happy Columbus Day to us in the U.S.
Happy Thanksgiving Day to our Canadians friends.
October 11th If you have any interest in cross-country skiing in the northland and would like to a see short description of 19 near-by trails, click HERE.
October 12th On this day in 1987 the Minnesota Twins beat my Detroit Tigers to win the American League pennant. That evening, in a state of depression, I wrote a letter to my Dear Sister Deb warning her that, in all likelihood, the sun would not rise tomorrow and that life on earth, as we know it, was over! Fortunately, things didn't turn out quite that bad.....even though the Twins eventually won the World Series.
October 13th Sigh!
October 14th On this date 939 years ago, the great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great Grandfather (there are 27 greats in there) of Queen Elizabeth II, defeated Harold II in the Battle of Hastings and thus, became King William I, the founder of the Royal line which still rules Great Britain today. Elizabeth is the 42nd monarch in the line.
October 15th It's the Ides of October and the Loons are still here!
October 16th The "roots" of the words September, October, November, and December mean 7, 8, 9, and 10 respectively. So why are they months 9, 10, 11, and 12 respectively?
October 17th Randy and I tried a little trout fishing from the bank of Kramer Lake. It was a gorgeous day and a fun time, but with respect to trout, it was unsuccessful.
October 18th The Loons are still here!
To Gord, Norma, Heather, and Donnie: Thanks for the nice morning and afternoon.
It's getting late in the year and the leaves are still on the ground......something has to be done soon.
I had a couple drinks with Swede this evening.
We have less than 11 hours of daylight.....and it's going down hill rather quickly.
When will it snow, I'm wondering.
October 19th Hell hath no fury like a dame what's been scorched.
October 20th A gorgeous day, and beautiful weather for yard work.......but we accomplished none. However, Lori and I took a 6 mile walk to the nearest bar and then called Randy to come and give us a ride back home.
October 21st Cold, rainy, windy; a terrible day for yardwork......and we accomplished none.
October 22nd On this day in the year 4004 BC, the earth was created. That's according to James Ussher, who came to that conclusion in the year 1650 as a result of his study of the Bible. Although Mr. Ussher definitely said that it occurred in the evening, I read somewhere that it was on a Thursday and that it was at 8:00 PM, but I don't think that was actually part of his calculations.
October 23rd Happy Day all you Mothers-in-law.
October 24th Here's to Rosa Parks......a true hero! May she rest in peace. Click HERE.
October 25th Geez, I love mornings like this. Click HERE.
The loons are still here!
October 26th Cindy and I went fishing this afternoon. We trolled once around the lake (an hour and a half) and then bobber fished for awhile. Not even a bite!
October 27th Jim Bowie designed that a knife, or what? Eat your heart out Crocodile Dundee! Click HERE.
October 28th Another trout fishing expedition.....this time to Lucky Lake. It's a beautiful lake and the weather was great and the fishing was enjoyable, but again we didn't catch anything.
October 29th Trapping season opens today. We'll see if it's possible to use traps to eliminate one source of shoreline erosion......muskrats.

The loons are still here.

Incidentally, today my oldest Grandchild, Josh, officially became a teenager. Amazing! He's my yardstick, ya know. He was born the same year that I bought LBLR.
October 30th In honor of tomorrow evening:

"Round about the Caldron go:
In the poison'd entrails throw.
Eye of Newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg and howlet's wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble."

William Shakespeare (1606, from MacBeth)
All Hallows' Eve 'Tis the Eve in which Goblins and Demons and Evil Spirits are free to roam the earth, the skies, and the neighborhoods, but as yet not a single macabre figure has entered my sanctum. 'Tis likely that wont be the case for long. Tonight these Demons, after roaming the streets in search of nourishment, shall witness the Great Celebration in honor of Satan (or Chernobog if one is of a Russian persuasion) on Bare Mountain. But rest easy and stay in-doors; let us see what the morrow brings!

To see the grandkids on Halloween, click HERE. Notice Nattie's elf ears. I hope Molly's ruby slippers aren't the ones that were stolen from the museum a while back.

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