September 2005

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September 1st "It was a gray, somewhat sultry morning in Berlin, with the clouds hanging low over the city, giving it some protection from the hostile bombers which were feared but never came. The people in the streets, I noticed, were apathetic despite the immensity of the news which had greeted them from their radios. At daybreak, the German armies [had] poured across the Polish frontier and converged on Warsaw from the north, south, and west."

Those are the words of William L. Shirer (from The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich), describing the start of World War II as he saw it, 66 years ago this morning.
September 2nd Here's a long overdue "Thank you". It's to my first cousin Kevin for the neat woodworking items he made for me before he came here on vacation this past July. Thanks again Kevin! Many people have commented on them. Click HERE.
September 3rd One could argue that today is the anniversary of the beginning of World War II, not September 1st. That's because today is the day that Britain and France declared war on Germany.......until then, it was merely a clash between Germany and Poland.
September 4th Does anyone have a recipe for Highbush Cranberries? (Yul Gibbons put some on his cereal in a Grape Nuts commercial many years ago, but they're way too bitter for that.) There are tons and tons of them on the LBLR shoreline. Click HERE.
Labor Day An appropriate Labor Day quotation should go here, but alas(!), I have none.
September 6th The "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" is at hand. Socially and psychologically, (but not yet astronomically), summer has ended. Today, the day after Labor Day, the millionaires supposedly step off their yachts and begin to buy stocks, thus ending the summer and sending the stock market into it's annual post-Labor Day surge. This year, however, the weather remains warm while the stock market is rising only slightly, perhaps telling us that Summer will be with us a bit longer. Here at the lake, the Loons have begun trading the beauty of their contrasting black and white for the dullness of gray, and flocks of geese are heading south even as I type. In the cities, the smell of fireplace fires fills the evening air as supper ends and family members return from video rental stores with the evening's entertainment in hand. How times have changed since I was young!
September 7th Bob and Jo arrived today. Last Spring when they were here the fishing was anything but good. Today in one pass around the lake we caught two keeper Northerns (one was 4 3/4 pounds), and we had another on the line that we didn't get in the boat. Already it's better than last Spring. Let's hope it continues.
September 8th To see how well Blazing Star (a plant on the LBLR shoreline with purple flowers) attracts butterflies, click HERE. Thanks Mary!
September 9th The fish cleaning house isn't the prettiest place to take a picture, but look at what Bob F caught this morning. It was one ounce short of 5 pounds, and we had one just like it the day before yesterday too. Click HERE.
September_10th Yesterday afternoon I left my shoes out in the rain, I poured a pail of water in my boots while I was bailing the boats, and I dumped a coffee can full of sheetrock screws into the lake and had to pick them out of the dirt one by one under 2 feet of water. Sheesh!
September 11th Ah yes, September is nice.....but it's still too hot. 85 degrees yesterday; 82 degrees today. Sigh!
September 12th LBLR bird species number 70: Common Raven
September 13th To see what Bob and Carla P caught click HERE.
September 15th Darned grackles! Click HERE.
September 16th "The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not." -- Those words were uttered by Mark Twain about 100 years ago.
September 17th "At some moment in September when there is an intimation of fall, perhaps a certain slant of light across the browning brush, or the hush of a late afternoon when the wind from the lake suddenly dies, I think of the fiercely independent ruffed grouse, a game bird without peer."

Those words, written by Nelson Bryant 21 years ago, are pertinent today......the opening day of grouse hunting.
September 18th This picture of Hannah and her fish is from Labor Day Weekend. It's quite different than your normal resort fish picture. Click HERE.
September 19th Art Norton was here this morning with nearly 40 Soil and Water Conservation people from several Minnesota counties. They were here to look at LBLR's shoreline restoration project. Art is the person in the red circle, but it's difficult to see him. Click HERE.
September 20th Do you realize that the Mars rovers (Spirit and Opportunity), whose missions were predicted to end in April of 2004, are still functioning?! That's certainly not normal for modern products, is it?
September 21st Day after day after day it's unseasonably mild! How can one split wood or get into resort "shutdown" mode, when the weather always makes one think of golf?
September 22nd At 5:23 PM (CDT) today the Autumnal Equinox will be upon us. Happy Autumn to one and all!
September 23rd With the year aging, I often think of how it feels to be a Grandparent....geez, is that ever good!
September 24th Rain, rain, rain......nearly all day. Only Wayne B and his family are die-hard enough to go fishing!
September 25th Happy Birthday Sweetie! And thank goodness you're not as old as me......yet!
September 26th On this day in 1820, Daniel Boone died; he was just short of 86 years old. The only painting of him was done shortly before he died. Using the facial features in that painting, an artist named Ron Beights drew Daniel as he would have looked in his prime. There is a framed copy of it hanging on the wall in my living room. Click HERE.
September 27th Ah yes, Autumn is nice! Before I bought the resort and moved to LBLR, Autumn was far from my favorite time of the year.....mainly because it signaled the approach of Winter, which I strongly disliked. But now I appreciate the pleasures of both Fall and Winter, and they have become my favorites.
September 28th Click HERE to see one of Autumn's gentle pleasures!
September 29th Finally(!)......last night was the first frost. It should have been here a couple weeks ago, but better late than never.

This morning Randy and I walked through the woods with our guns in search of the elusive grouse, as is our custom this time of the year. As is also our custom, we got no fact, we didn't even see a grouse. Oh, to have Lucy back again. (See the January 15th entry.)
September 30th Welcome back Brian and Ann (and Shosha)......a few weeks later than normal, but you finally made it.

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