Riley’s Fine Food & Drink (Haunted Place)
Deer River, Minnesota

About 16 miles north of Deer River in northern Minnesota sits a small, unassuming bar and grill that possesses a spirit other than the alcoholic kind. It is the spirit of a woman that has become affectionately known as “The Blue Lady.” This property’s past is very obscure, and the investigations into the bar and the history of the land are ongoing.

The Blue Lady seems to like crowds, as it is during times when many people are around that most of her sightings seem to happen. When the kitchen is really hopping, the Blue Lady loves to play with the staff and push things onto the floor. The staff picks up whatever fell, makes sure that it won’t fall again, and a few minutes later they find that it’s right back on the floor. The restaurant’s “to go” boxes seem to be the favorite items for this spirit to play with.

There have also been staff reports of hearing a woman’s voice. They weren’t able to make out exactly what was said, but upon investigating, they found no one there—no one who could be seen anyway. There have also been many reports of the staff being touched, and this has actually provoked some yelling at the Blue Lady by some of the restaurant’s staff members.

The investigations of our own group, Northern Minnesota Paranormal Investigators (N.M.P.I.), as well as investigations by the owners, have provided some nice pictures of orbs flying around the bar. Most of these pictures with orbs were taken when there were customers in the bar, supporting the theory that the Blue Lady likes to show up when Riley’s is busiest.